Thursday, 7 January 2016

Book Review: Zombie Rules by David Achord

Zach Gunderson, a skinny sixteen-year-old High School sophomore, is caught up in a worldwide infection which turns its victims into violent zombies. Together with his friends, Zach learns to survive in a world turned upside down. In addition to the violent zombies, there are the lawless survivors which his group must contend against as well.

My Review: 
This is one of these books where you think 'just hurry up and get to the damn zombies!' The book bored me with 8 chapters of Zach loves Macey, Zach has sex with Macey, Zach can't get in touch with Macey, Zach's grandmother dies, Zach is cheated on and dumped by Macey, Zach is beaten up by Macey's new boyfriend's pals and ends up in hospital, Zach ends up having his humiliation put up on social networking sites, Zach has his house covered in grafitti slagging him off, Zach wants Macey back...oh and in amongst all this tosh, we hear about a flu virus and alcoholic prepper Rick takes Zach in and says the end of the world is coming.

This was so boring. Can I just say that frankly I don't give a damn about Zach and Macey? Couldn't care less yet we got every minute of their relationship. Zach seems to think Macey is so wonderful when in fact she is a cold hearted slut who is sleeping with at least two guys at the same time and doesn't lift a finger to stop Zach being beaten up. *Yawn* And for the next two chapters he continues to obsess about the bitch and gets threatened by black racist friend of Macey's new man who refers to her as white bitch and constantly sneers at the white boy he plans to attack. Zach finally fights back and now has the police to worry about as he hides at Rick's farm and I'm thinking GET TO THE DAMN ZOMBIES ALREADY!

Rick is always drunk and talking about having sex with women. When the apocalypse finally creeps into their town, this is all Rick can think about and they decide to venture into town to find booze and scout for women, finding a family with two women that they find attractive. All we get then are the sexual fantasies of Zach and Rick and I got tired of it. All through the book, every woman Zach meets is described by breast size first ie the nurse, the TV presenter, the women staying with them. Oh please! Thought this was a zombie novel?

Oh and the first zombie they see up at the farm happens to be a naked woman and Rick recognises the neighbour's wife that he had been sleeping with. Of course. I shouldn't have expected any better than that. Tired of the lack of zombies, I got tired of reading this poor excuse for a zombie book with racist and sexist characters. 
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  1. A zombie book that makes you wait forever to get to the zombies. That's just not right:) The soap opera type romance that you describe sounds dreadful. Great review!

    1. Thanks for your kind words! Yeah you got the feeling that the zombies were there as background for these two losers to find a woman each!