Sunday, 10 January 2016

Book Review: Blue Plague by Thomas A Watson

What would you do in an apocalyptic event? How would your family and friends survive? Could you survive? Join two families on a journey through hell on earth as they try to save themselves and maybe mankind.

A super virus has been unleashed on mankind. Our way of life and the modern day speed of travel spread the virus from the jungles of Africa around the world in days. Those it infects become feral attacking any not like them. No one knows what else this virus holds in store. Society breaks down in a matter of days and the lawless try to rule the land. Even appointed and elected officials differ little from the criminals. Blue Plague: The Fall, is the first book in a seven part series that tells the story of a group’s survival in this new world.

My Review:
We start in Congo where spoiled rich boy Manny has only volunteered for the charity project because he fancies Ellen. Of course while the students are there the zombie virus breaks out and these silly idiots carry the infection back to America and two other members of the party take it to France. Despite the annoying Manny, I thought this opening chapter or two was interesting with a mixture of tension and action.

Then we switch to Mike and Bruce who both work at the hospital and get all the excitement of their shift which seems to involve threatening patients and other members of staff. It goes into an info dump which then covers the next 80 pages, other than updates on the students, covering every detail of their history, how they bought a shared house for both families to live in to save money, their prepper routines, every martial art or shooting lesson the kids ever had, the men doing their buddy routines, the endless paragraphs of what the next project on the list was....jeez it just went really slow, over descriptive and downright boring!

I am interested in preppers and their lifestyles and if I live in America on my own bit of land, I would probably be one, so it was not prepper stuff that I found boring. I've read some good prepper based zombie fiction. It was the way this one was written that trained the life force out of me as it droned on and on, when I just wanted to get to where the infection starts in the country. FYI it was pretty much 100 pages in before the infected kids land and start spreading which was way to long and I'd long since lost interest in the book by then.

I don't believe this is a bad author-as I said, I liked the way the opening bit was written. I just think there was too much time between the action scenes and too much padding in the prepper parts. There was potential and the book may well get better but when a book is too slow to get to the point, I just lose interest in it and the series. A pity!
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  1. Sorry this one didn't work out for you. Zombie books should never ever be boring. Hope your next read is great!

    1. I expect to plough through quite a few I won't enjoy but hopefully a few good ones will come out of it too!