Friday, 8 January 2016

Book Review: Zombie Island by Samantha Hoffman

Samantha is holed up all alone in her apartment, trying to outlast the zombie apocalypse. During a routine trip into town for supplies, she is chased through the city by vicious Warriors, men that kill zombies, and make women wish they were dead. After being trapped on a roof at gunpoint, she is saved by the brothers Ryder and Reese, and she decides they might be her best chance for survival.

They set out from her apartment in search of a place that they can fortify and have a semi-normal life. Along the way, Samantha helps battle zombies, other survivors, and her growing feelings for both brothers. When they finally reach the island, the group settles in, trying to make the place as livable as possible. However, trouble quickly arises in the form of the Warriors.

They've tracked the group of four down to their new home, and are out for revenge. 

My Review:
Sam is a 19 year old who has so far survived the zombie apocalypse and a gang of vicious zombie hunters who like to rape women and kill other survivors. We are led to believe that she is smart yet knowing this gang are looking for her, she walks into the most used trap in history-a seemingly injured man lying out in plain sight and yes, she goes to see if she can help and ends up captured until two brothers come to her rescue. Stupid girl! Has she never read a zombie apocalypse book?

Seriously the plot is not the issue with this book. It is well enough written and described, there isn't really anything wrong with it but I don't greatly like the characters. Sam is ok but despite being unable to shoot a gun, she decides to endanger the three of them by tring an armed rescue of another female instead of planning before acting. Then she gets all jealous when the rescued girl turns out to be prettier than her. I really hate this kind of female MC. Ryder is obnoxious and rude and I question the decisions the author makes about him. He is willing to take on a group of armed men to save Sam yet refuses to initially save October who is in the same situation. He spends the rest of his time being an asshat. reese is just too good to be true and all nicey all the time. Add in the lack of zombies in the beginning and the fact that reviews mention a love triangle and I rapidly lost interest in this one.

Not badly written but just not to my taste.
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  1. That cover...not sure if I like it or not. I don't think that Sam has ever read a zombie apocalypse I do agree that it is really hard to like a book if you can connect with the characters. I hope your next read is much better.

    1. Bit of a strange cover isn't it? Sam needs to read more! *giggles*

  2. Well, at least you were able to get past the cover to give it a go. I am trying to be better about the sort of thing myself and have come a long way. Too bad that this wasn't what you might of hoped for. I appreciate the balanced review.

    1. I didn't have any issues with the cover. It was Carole who wasn't sure about it. The cover of a book never stops me reading something I want to try especially if the book is free or cheap.