Thursday, 21 January 2016

Chuckles Home Remedies: Treating Burns

We've all heard the stories passed down through the generations about home remedies and natural treatments that cost less than medicines from a chemist. This post is about the way that I treat burns.

You will need:
-cold water
-gauze bandages
-the stupidity to use your bare hand to grab the handle of a casserole dish straight from the oven!

Yes I was making tuna pasta bake, one of my favourites and I carefully took it from the oven using two oven gloves. I took the gloves off to make it easier to ladel the pasta onto the dinner plates but the casserole dish moved and on reflex to steady it, I reached out a hand and grabbed the handle on the side, burning two fingers and a thumb. And jeez did it hurt! It's the worst cooking burn I've had! Agony! *whimpers*

-Running affected digits under freezing cold tap despite how painful that was. Grit your teeth and hold your hand there as long as you can! 
-I then emersed the whole hand in dish of very cold water for 2 hours while I ate dinner and looked up internet remedies. Keep refreshing water to keep it cold. I knew it was a bad set of burns because my fingers started burning every time I took it out the water.
-I then smeared each finger heavily in honey and tightly wrapped each digit in gauze bandages. You can also use vaseline which has the same effect as honey if you prefer. The second I put on the honey, the pain vanished. Other options like aloe vera leaves are mentioned on online sites. Check out in search engines for further details.
-Change bandages and reapply the honey 2-3 times a day. I did this 3 times a day for 3 days. During the three days I had no pain from my burns.

The Results after three days:
-No blisters, redness, scarring or nerve damage. Fingers felt completely normal and undamaged! I was very surprised and pleased.

NB-NEVER use ice instead of water as this will damage the finger tissue. If the burns are very serious or have blistered, seek professional medical advice. 

Do you use similar remedies for burns or do you use something different?

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