Monday, 18 January 2016

Book Review: Dead Time by Paul Johnson-Jovanovic

A new game show is sweeping the world. In the UK, contestants are lining up at the Mile High Tower for their chance to win ₤10,000,000,000. Nathan Baxter is in that line. Broke and desperate for money to support his family, he edges closer to his destiny. Stay alive for an hour, that's all he has to do. But so far no one has won or even come close. Can Nathan kill enough zombies to put his wife and five-year-old son on easy street for a few years? Or can he shock the nation and win the show?

My Review:
Nathan is facing the prospect of his family losing their home because of financial problems and finds himself thinking about taking part in the top game show on the network, Dead Time. For each period of time where he evades the zombies, he wins money for his family. But can he be the first person to win the big jackpot by surviving to the end?

This reminds me so much of the game zone in The Running Man, but with crazed zombie hordes instead of network stalkers. That is actually what attracted me to read the book as I loved the film with big Arnie and I do love my zombies! The contestants are sent down a tunnel into the game zone in a similar way to the film, where they have to find weapons and evade zombies. To stop you just hiding and getting paid, the rules state you have to make a zombie kill every 7.5 minutes to keep earning the money, £5000 for each kill or £10 000 000 000 for lasting a whole hour. 100 zombies start in the arena then every fifteen minutes 100 more are added, which does not improve the odds on a win. I liked the idea of the game , and the rules and I could see me watching it every week! Yes I am that twisted... There are of course, lots of zombies and tense incidents to enjoy. There is also unexpected humour in the case of the head honcho and his overspending wife!

The opening 25% introduces the characters as they go through the selection process to check fitness and intelligence, before being told all the rules. Once we get into the game zone, we follow the contestants and it becomes a very fast paced zombie ride. Each man choses different tactics and there are a few nice twists as the story develops.

The only down side to me was not liking Nathan much. He is rude and obnoxious to everyone from the moment he applies, which was annoying because he wasn't forced to apply. Yelling an f bomb at a worker who knocks on his door and threatening everyone in sight did not make me like him. However, it didn't matter much because once he is in with the zombies, that side of him isn't seen any more so I was able to forget it and move on without it spoiling the story. There is not a massive amount of character development but it wasn't really needed with this plot-you learn enough about them to move the story on and that was fine with me.

Overall I thought it was a decent zombie read which I would recommend.
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  1. Ooh, ZOMBIES. I really don't read enough zombie books...and this one sounds great, but also I think Nathan would really tick me off?! So probably not the book for me. :P But glad you mostly enjoyed it!!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Zombies are my total favourite book monsters! Nathan is a pain but the zombies are fun!