Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Book Review: Day Zed by Charles Smith

It's not every day that you get to travel abroad and take a holiday. It should be a time to celebrate and then a time to relax. Unfortunately for everyone flying out of Britain's busiest airports on the 1st of July, they chose the wrong day. Airport lounges up an down the country are infected with the deadly "Day Zed" virus. The unsuspecting holidaymakers are to become the reason why the virus is transmitted all over the world in just one day.

Follow Penny Thomas and ten other survivors as they battle to stay alive during the outbreak of Day Zed.

My Review:
The idea was interesting-three labs work on the different strains of a virus, thinking they are doing work for a medical breakthrough-then one man joins it all together to turn it into a zombie virus for his demented employer to release around English airports to stop the world population consuming all resources while the chosen few sit safe on an island to watch the carnage.

However I thought the execution was poor in comparison to other zombie books that I read. Firstly, the lack of editing is really bad. Bad spelling, capital letters in the middle of sentences, grammatical errors everywhere, things that don't make sense, being allergic to full stops and instead using endless paragraphs with an overdose of commas. If the writer can't be bothered to check the quality of his work before release, then why should the reader bother to put in the effort to read it? Now I can forgive sloppy editing if the story is good but sadly I didn't enjoy it.

Every man in this part of the book is an asshat. It's an asshat parade! Wideboy Simon does anything for money and thinks he is releasing a flu virus at the airport to make people ill so had little sympathy for him turning zombie. Pervert Jim sits in his house with a telescope to spy on Simon's girlfriend Penny and is amused to see a woman lose her clothes as she battles a zombie. Dave the taxi driver rescues the hysterical Penny and only decides to look after her in her trauma because he fancies her. Frankly, I'm rooting for the zombies in this book if these are the heroes.

Then we have the all tell no show plot. We are told about the plot and what Simon and the couriers are to do to release the virus. Then we are told they have done it and infection has begun. So we just follow Simon home and are told he died. There is no build up of tension to the release of the virus. It would have been more exciting to follow Simon on his mission and see what was happening to him mentally as he realises things are not what they seem. We get long narratives telling us what is happening and only a small bit about the neighbours of Penny fighting the zombies. It just wasn't enough detail. We could have switched POV to several neighbours debating whether or not to help the paramedic to get an idea of what they were thinking, instead of a couple of paragraphs where a few people run out to help and get bitten before we get to give a damn about them. That little section could have been good but a lack of development from the author meant it was just a group of strangers shoved out their doors to die and the reader has no connection to them so doesn't really care. Seeing everything through Jim's eyes as he thought about Penny was hardly interesting.

This story lacks depth and development and basic storytelling description that pulls you into a book. Instead if integrating zombie action or things of interest to the plot, we just skim over it and go to the male characters having fantasies about the women which is such a bore and not what I want in my zombie novel. The characters all seem to be idiots with no attempt to make them more than one dimensional. It didn't hold my attention in any way and I moved on to try something else instead. Maybe it gets better later on but if the opening of a book does not grab me and drag me into the story, I won't care enough to continue. I can't really recommend it. 
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