Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Book Review: Dead Chaos by April Brookshire

Zombies plague the apocalyptic landscape, insatiable and wreaking havoc on the remaining uninfected. Settlements desperately hold out, fighting for the last remnants of civilization while striving for a return to normalcy.

At twenty years old, I should be worrying about final exams and where I’m going for spring break. Instead, I’m sharpening blades and loading guns. My family chooses to make its home away from the settlements, deep in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We raid stores across the state, gathering supplies which we in turn trade to the settlements. It’s a simple, but dangerous, existence and biters haunt us every step of the way.

Lucky for us, I have a secret . . . I’m a necromancer. My name is Anya Donovan and this is my survival story.

My Review:
I was disappointed that we joined the story in the middle of the zombie apocalypse because I like to read about the outbreaks and how society breaks down. I find that if we join the apocalypse late we then get info dumps looking back at how they got organised etc which can slow the books down too much for me. But that is a personal preference and I didn't mark the book down for that.

Put simply, I marked this down and didn't finish it because I hated the characters. You know you are in trouble reading a zombie novel when you want several of the 'heroes' to get ripped apart. In this book I would start with Anya's brother Alexi who is a moronic, rude, obnoxious, reckless, childish dumbass who seems to be more of a toddler than anything else. Seriously he's like a loudmouthed child with no concept of how to behave and when to shut his idiotic mouth. One page after he was introduced I wanted him dead. Then we have the rescued prisoner Zeke who is a foul mouthed, racist, bigoted little shit to put it bluntly. Add to that the spoiled little madam of a sister that Anya has who has tantrums every ten seconds. Feed these idiots to the zombies NOW.

I don't like plots where getting around the zombies is too easy. During the apocalypse, Anya discovers she is some kind of necromancer who with a single thought can put a group of zombies to sleep, allowing them to waltz into any shop they want to raid with ease. I love it in zombie books when the heroes have to do a dangerous supply raid and take on zombies in a dark store or shop! It takes all the tension out when Anya can just put them to sleep for a bit so that was a real disappointment.

The authors also seem to be obsessed with condoms and sex in the plot which was very boring. We constantly get talk about Viktor and his girlfriend having sex and him collecting condoms on raids. We get Anya wondering if Alexi is gathering condoms to be ready if he gets a chance-yeah like any girl would be desperate enough to want HIM even during an apocalypse. And Anya is then thinking about getting condoms to use with her boyfriend, then they want to trade condoms for medical help and on it goes. There are more condoms than zombies in this book. The characters are meant to be capable adults but all act like spoiled kids, bickering and arguing and talking rubbish when they should be concentrating on raids and zombies that could actually kill you. I pretty much hated them all.

I didn't find much of interest in this book and I won't be picking up anything else by the authors. I prefer zombie books that focus on the zombies not the sexual exploits of a foul mouthed cast of idiots that I hope all die!
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  1. Enjoyed your review and you hit the nail on the head. Often, when my husband and I start watching horror movies, certain characters we cheer for to be killed off if we find them tremendously annoying. Guess I do the same in books, but I just don't notice it as much. I think I picked this book up for free so I may just erase it from the kindle eventually.

    1. I think I have less patience for it in books and it can ruin the whole story for me. In films I can deal better hoping they die and knowing most of these films are about 80 minutes to sit through!

  2. I am sorry that this book was a dud. I can honestly say that your review was quite entertaining (probably more so than the book). You are very right that it is a very bad sign when you are actually hoping for the heroes I hope your next read is a winner!

    1. Quite often I seem to root for the zombies! Ah well you need to plough through some trash to reach the treasure when you download a pile of zombie books!