Sunday, 24 January 2016

Book Review: Dusty's Diary by Bobby Adair

One Frustrated Man's Zombie Apocalypse Story

I played all those cool video games. I watched all those movies. I read all those books. In most of those, the hero of the story kills all the zombies, drives a sweet car, has plenty to eat, and always seems to get laid by the end. Yeah. Whatever.

I gotta be straight with you about why I wrote this journal and it comes down to one thing, the apocalypse kinda sucks.

It doesn’t meet my expectations at all.

And I honestly have to tell you, I was looking forward to it. I mean, I really was. It’s not that I don’t like people. I do. But holy crap, I was so tired of all the crap I had to put up with back in the old days, paying a mortgage, high interest rates on my credit cards, high cholesterol, thinning hair and a thickening midsection. I was tired of dealing with jerk-off drivers during rush hour and I was tired of my ex wife yammering at me on the phone until my brain turned to jelly. I was tired of things always getting more expensive and my paycheck always staying the same. I guess from back in all of that, a zombie apocalypse looked like a pretty good future to me.

Well, here’s my story. Read it. Let me know what you think.

My Review:
This was a massive disappointment from an author that I have enjoyed reading in the past. There is nothing interesting in this short story and I wondered what the actual point of it was. It is set in the same world as The Last Survivors series and is meant to be the prequel that explains? Um, no I don't think so....

We are supposed to be reading about a man who has survived in an underground bunker, writing about his experiences. I expected him to tell his story about the breakdown of society or at least the events which led up to him choosing to hide. Instead we get him wittering on about a load of rubbish that had no relation to the story.

He starts a sentence then mentions blogging. He then feels he needs to explain what that is, in case someoneone is trying to read this thousands of years in the future and needs help to understand what he is talking about. He then goes on to explain the meaning of terrorists, dipshits, first person shooters, pornography, DIY, nudists, swingers, epiphany, Charlton Heston...Yet he fails to explain clearly what caused the virus or what the enemy actually were. Calling these things Shroomheads didn't help! That was more important to me than going into detail about the number of people on the street who were nudists and had swingers parties, but it seems that having this guy talk about sex and pornography all the time was more important than telling us about the disaster. No surprise there.

I was so bored by all the uninteresting waffle that I only made it halfway through this 70 odd page book and the time I did waste on it dragged. A massive disappointment from a good author. I suggest you could happily live without going near this book. I certainly have no intention of reading The Last Survivors based on this offering. If you want to read this author I suggest reading his excellent zombie series Slow Burn.
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