Thursday, 21 January 2016

Book Review: The Decay by Roger Hayden

A nearby nuclear attack rocks a small town in Pennsylvania, sending one man and his step-daughter on a perilous journey of survival. It was a normal Friday afternoon shattered after an unexpected terrorist attack on the New York Stock Exchange. While the country focuses on the shocking aftermath of the Wall Street bombing, they lose communications as a result of the nation’s downed power grids. 

Paul Hayden is a thirty-five year old man who just wants to pick up his step-daughter from school and go home while avoiding the busy afternoon traffic. While driving, he notices a mushroom cloud in the distance. The bright radiance of the sky sends the townspeople into a panic, and mass soon evacuation follows. Through this, Paul has one thing on his mind: protect his step-daughter, Julie, and get to his wife, Samantha, who is out of town on business. 

My Review:
The description in the book blurb does not relate much to what happens in the first half of this book, which is as far as I went with it. I was under the impression that this book is about an everyday man trying to look after his family in the aftermath of a nuclear blast. Firstly, Paul was not driving when he saw the mushroom cloud-he was being kidnapped by gangsters, not mentioned in the blurb.

The first half of the book introduces the most uninspiring side stories which were of little interest and added nothing to the story. Paul works in an electrical repair shop and is managing the shop while his boss Bill looks after his cancer striken wife. Suddenly Paul is approached by shady gangster guys who want to find Bill and have been unable to reach him by phone or at his house. So these guys decide to stalk Paul through town, and then try to abduct him in the middle of a shopping centre car park just after the nuclear blast on the horizon. Why??? What use is Paul going to be in finding Bill? How is kidnapping him and taking him to whoever wants Bill of any possible use? And these idiot men can't recognise a mushroom cloud? And they decide to just murder some shopper and let Paul escape? What is the POINT of all this rubbish???

Second dumb side story is that while this is going on, his partner's daughter is inside the shop when a group of armed thugs carry out a pre-planned attack to rob the place. This is occuring as the shop manager is trying to get everyone out because of the nuclear blast. Despite the silly cow realising that these guys are up to no good and acting suspicious, does Julie exit the building to find Paul? No she hangs about in the queue thinking about trying to buy make-up and doing nothing until she gets trapped inside and the amazing Paul evades his armed attackers, gets past the thugs and rescues her. Hurrah! Jeez!

Meanwhile nobody seems to be interested in the nuclear bomb that has went off which was the supposed plot of the story! And how does the nuclear attack fit in with the bombing at the start of the book? Are they related or not? Can we kind of deal with these things? I wasn't interested in the idiot gangsters story or the thugs...I just wanted a nice apocalypse story and there was no sign of it halfway through and I had lost interest in waiting to see if anything was going to happen with it. Very disappointing. 
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  1. The first thing I would do if I saw that cloud would be run like hell in the opposite direction and if I had beef with someone well shit, that can wait. You are so right, it is totally unbelievable.

    1. I've got a few other free books by this author...the first books in three other series but I'm a bit reluctant to try them now!

  2. So I had to stop on this one because the author has my husbands name! lol. That's crazy. Sorry the book didn't work for you. :)

    1. Ok that's interesting! Pity the book didn't live up to his name!