Thursday, 31 August 2017

Unique Blogger Award

Thank you to the lovely Darque Dreamer for nominating me for this blog award! 

1) Share the link of the blogger who showed you love by nominating you
2) Answer the questions
3) Nominate other bloggers for the award (suggested 8-13 but my nomination is open to all)
4) Ask them three questions

Questions set by Darque Dreamer:
1) What is the one thing you feel is unique about your blog?
Hmm. I think I'd say that I tend to feature less mainstream published books than a lot of blogs I visit. I like to read and promote a lot of Indie/self published books, especially in my favourite genres like horror, apocalypse, urban fantasy, monsters and beasties and prepper fiction. I also feature a lot on the prepper apocalypse type of book which features military or ordinary preppers (those ready for a disaster with plans and survival supplies) as they get ready for and survive during disasters. A lot of these kinds of books are self published and I hardly see any of them featured on other blogs.

So if you are looking for new authors to try and love zombies, dinosaurs, monsters, UF, horror or end of the world plots then The Book Cave might have something different for you to try!

2) Name a unique music artist
I don't really listen to any new music. I'm more into 60's-80's, classic rock, bit of country, soul and motown...I'm not into all this dance stuff. The last new album I bought was the first one by Franz Ferdinand I think! I wouldn't describe any artist as being unique to be honest! They all just play music in their own styles and genres y'know?

3) Tell me about a unique book you have read, or movie you have watched, and why was it unique?
The problem with this question is that I don't experiment with genres or go and try things outside my comfort zone! I'm in my forties now so I kind of know what I like and prefer to stick with the same kind of stuff! Everything I read is similar to something else I've already read so it's tough to think of unique books! I guess I'd say that Harry Potter and the whole world JK Rowling created was unlike anything I'd read before especially for kids. It was so rich in details and the world building was unbelievably good! *inserts gush* A whole new sport invented, so many details in spells, magical creatures and yet it still covered the issues we can relate to about school and growing up.

I feel the same thing when I think about George RR Martin's Westeros. The TV series based on it, Game of Thrones, is better than anything I've ever viewed in my life! The characters are so brilliant and I love how they change and show good and bad qualities. I love the redemptions of The Hound and Jaime Lannister in particular. They are just so complex! The world building is so great with all those amazing locations that you just want to see and experience. Yet you can relate to individual characters and their struggles. Best TV ever and I want to catch up with the books now!

OK here are the questions I would ask you:

1) What is unique about your blog or your reading?
2) Which books, films or TV series have appealed to you in a unique way?
3) Which plots or characters do you feel were unique, unusual or particularly striking?

I TAG YOU! Yes YOU, hiding behind your computer screen, trying not to let me see you!!!


  1. Harry Potter is unique because it made adults take children’s literature a lot more seriously. Not all children’s books are simple and silly. GoT is unique because none of the characters are safe. Any of them could die at any time.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I found the 'unique' questions pretty difficult! I really had to think about it before I came up with Harry Potter and Game of Thrones!

  2. Uh oh. You caught me. LOL We are so alike. You also like to share less prominent authors and books. I too usually stick to a few genres, but mine are so different, from cozies to horror. And I too adore Game Of Thrones and don't think I'll ever come across something so utterly amazing again!

    1. It's fun to see people get excited by books we put up on our blog that most people haven't heard of! There will be more apocalypse ones this month to tempt everyone! Only a few blogs seem to feature good horror options and I very much like that about your blog!

  3. Congrats on the award! I like that you feature more indie stuff and I see very few bloggers sharing monster books and some of the apocalyptic/ prepper stuff that you do. Even though I don't read a lot of those you always give me ideas for books I want to try, so it's always fun to visit. :)

    And of course I agree about Game of Thrones lol.

    1. I've read some great monster books over the last two weeks which I want to get reviewed quickly. Lots to tempt unwary readers and of course apocalypse month will be virtually all Indie books which is fun! Thanks for the kind words Greg!

  4. Fun answers! I do love finding so many new books on your blog Chuckles. You find so many unique and interesting books to read. Congrats on the award!

    1. Thanks Carole! I enjoy showcasing different stuff on the blog and hopefully it brings these books to new readers!