Thursday, 10 August 2017

Game of Thrones Gossip #28 Battle of the Blackwater

Welcome to my Game of Thrones Gossip, where all of us fanatics get the chance to discuss everything we love about this amazing TV series. I did a few spoiler free posts about the series last year but I found that there were other bloggers out there who were also itching to talk more freely about favourite characters and events without spoiling things for those visiting the blog. So I decided to do a whole series of these discussion posts that let us say everything we want and enjoy every second of it! The topics may talk about a death, an event, a character or be season reviews and so on. Please feel free to comment fully and without restriction!

I have to warn you that it is important that you have seen all six seasons before reading any of these posts because these posts and blogger comments will be oozing and exploding spoilers all over the place. If you haven't watched the series and plan to, be warned that it's a bad idea to be here right now! I take no responsibility if you read on and things are spoiled for you nor do I take responsibility for any mistakes on the pages I link you to.

For those of you who stuck with me through my season one posts, thank you loads! Now I'm going to look at the main characters introduced in season two, what our season one characters were doing in season two and looking at all the bests bits. Enjoy the season two posts! 

The Battle of the Blackwater was the first major battle viewed in the HBO tv series and it was a stunning piece of work. In this battle we see the brave and the cowards, invaders and defenders, wildfire and burning men, betrayal and heroism. It was a great episode! Lets now talk about this episode and the exciting moments in it.

Joffrey has been preening about how great he is and how he will defeat Stannis on his own, despite the fact that he is a stupid boy who is scared of Arya and Stannis is a seasoned battle commander. It leads to an amusing exchange in episode eight 'The Prince of Winterfell' where Joffrey tells Tyrion and Varys that he will greet Stannis by cutting his throat. After Joffrey walks away, Tyrion says 'Imagine Stannis's terror.' to which Varys replies dryly 'I AM trying...'. I thought that was pretty funny!

Stannis and his fleet are closing in on King's Landing as Davos cautions his excited son Matthos that the people will not be welcoming them. The people in the city start to prepare for the coming battle. Tyrion confides to Shae that he is afraid that Stannis will burn him for being a Lannister, Cersei collects a dangerous potion from Pycelle, while Bronn and The Hound get in a last drink before the action starts, almost coming to blows. Pod prepares Tyrion for battle and the men start to take up position on the battlements. The tension is just leaking out of these opening scenes as the viewer waits along with the characters for Stannis to be sighted and the battle for King's Landing to begin. It is kind of nerve wracking to see two of my favourites on opposite sides-Ser Davos with Stannis and Tyrion in the city.

Davos leads the first ships into the harbour, and is worried because he can't see any sign of the enemy ships coming to engage the. Joffrey is impatient and whining into Tyrion's ear about doing nothing to stop Stannis, while Cersei gathers the women together, guarded by Ilyn Payne. A lone ship approached Stannis fleet and at the last second Stannis sees the wildfire pumping out of it as Bronn sends a blazing arrow into the water...

Stannis watches as the leading ships of his armada explode in a blaze of green flame, killing men and sending others into the burning water. Joffrey is gleeful but Tyrion and The Hound watch in silent horror as men die in terrible agony. Stannis orders the rest of his fleet to land in spite of the destruction and personally leads them up the beach. Stannis may be a cold man but he is certainly brave and leads his men rather than letting them do all the dangerous work. Cersei is cheerfully telling the women that they are going to be raped if Stannis wins and Tyrion sends The Hound onto the beach to tackle the invading army. I was amused at him telling the man in charge of the archers what will happen if his men are hit by accident! The fires all over the beach freeze the Hound in his fear of it and Bronn steps in to save his life. The Hound tells his men to retreat into the city where he is confronted by Joffrey and Tyrion and in that memorable moment, The Hound snaps 'F**k the King!' and leaves. I love it! One of my favourite moments in the battle!

It is during the battle that the entire city gets to see their King for what he really is. When Cersei tells Lancel to summon Joffrey to safety he is reluctant to do so, knowing the King should be with his men. But when The Hound quits on him, Joffrey runs off to the castle to the fury of Tyrion and the shock of his men. Even Lancel did some fighting and he was a wimp! In fact Lancel is seen in a new light in this episode. After taking the King in to safety he reports to Cersei and tells her that the King should be with his men or morale will collapse. When she refuses to listen, he demands that she listen, standing up to her for the first time and being assaulted for his brave words.

It is now up to Tyrion to stop the men deserting and inspire them into battle and he does so with a rousing speech. He declares that he will lead the attack and he is told that he is just half a man. Tyrion retorts saying what does that make them? He tells them not to fight for the King but to fight to save their homes and their people. Tyrion fights bravely and I loved that
rousing cheer of 'Halfman!' in his honour as he proves his worth and his bravery. It is then that Ser Mandon tries to put a sword through his head, citting his face badly, and as Ser Mandon prepares for the killing blow, it is Pod who kills him and saves Tyrion's life.

Tyrion fears that they are doomed but as he passes out, Loras Tyrell and Tywin Lannister lead their forces into the fray, defeating Stannis who is forced to flee. Cersei is saved from killing herself and Tommen and The Hound leaves when Sansa refuses his offer to take her north, something I bet she regretted when she looked back on it!

The Blackwater was a turning moment for several characters. Lancel is not seen at King's Landing again as he recovers from his injuries which festered and became life threatening. He found religion and comes back as a servant of the High Sparrow. Tyrion receives no recognition for his part in saving the city, and Tywin shows what he really thinks of his son. Stannis becomes more desperate in his search for victory and The Hound is on the run. Their stories develop nicely as the seasons progress and give us some great and tragic moments.


  1. I think this was when I really started loving Tyrion so much - of course he's always been a fave. Too bad Cersei didn't off herself but then I guess that would have really ruined the rest of the story lines huh?

    1. Yeah it would have worked out nicely for the poor Tyrells if Cersei had offed herself in the battle! I keep wondering about what would have happened if Stannis had won...

  2. This is one of my favorite episodes. I love that green fire. And I love Tyrion, too, of course.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I liked season two and this was one of the best episodes. Everyone seems to be a Tyrion fan!

  3. The Blackwater! The wildfire lookd so awesome, I agree with AJ's comment. That is a funny line, bTW, Varys and Tyrion are awesome together. I remember wanting Stannis to win in both the book and show (as long as Tyrion survives) but alas THAT was not to be lol.

    The Hound taking off was pretty cool. Great round up!

    1. I think Stannis may have offered poor Tyrion up to the Lord of Light! He'd need some fancy talking to get out of that one! I love Varys and Tyrion together-so pleased they were together in season five after Tyrion's daddy issues...

  4. this is one of my top favorite GoT moments!! I was so happy Tyron got at least a few moments of glory!