Monday, 7 August 2017

Game of Thrones Review: Season 7 Episode 4

Welcome to my Game of Thrones reviews posts which are an episode by episode guide of season 7. The entire post will be nothing but spoilers so don't read it if you intend to watch it! The format will be done as a house by house analysis, not a minute by minute report. 

Littlefinger gives his dagger to Bran and swears to look after all of Catelyn's children. Meera says she wants to be with her family when the White Walkers come as Bran doesn't need her now. Bran coldly agrees and she is angry that he only manages to say thank you after being prompted over his reaction. Bran admits he is not really Bran anymore and Meera thinks that the real Bran died in the cave. Arya arrives at Westeros to a happy reunion with Sansa but Sansa laughs when Arya mentions her kill list, not believing her. Bran, however, knows about the list and gives the dagger to Arya. Pod is getting his arse handed to him by Brienne when Arya asks to spar with her and everyone is surprised when Arya does so well. Sansa is concerned, Brienne is impressed and Littlefinger is amused.

Dany is excited to hear all the details about Missandei and Greyworm but is interrupted by Jon, who shows her the cave paintings of the Children of the Forest and the First Men fighting the White Walkers together. Finally, Dany believes him and says she will join the fight in the North if he bends the knee to her, but he fears his men will not like it. Varys and Tyrion tell her about the attack on Highgarden and she asks Jon his opinion. Jon says if she burns cities, she is no better than previous leaders. Missandei tells Jon and Davos that she follows Dany freely and she would be allowed to leave if she asked.

Theon and his men reach Dragonstone and he is shocked to see Jon standing on the beach. Jon says it is only because he saved Sansa that his life is being spared. Theon asks about Sansa's safety and says he needs help to get Yara back from Euron, only to be told that Dany is not here at the momont..



Jaime's troops remove everything of value from Highgarden, with Bronn and Randyll Tarly overseeing the operation. Bronn has been paid in gold for his services to Jaime but he still wants the promised castle and Jaime says after the war he can have his pick of them. The Iron Bank are pleased that Cersei is about to settle the Lannister debt and are anxious to provide her with more funding for the war, while Cersei is also trying to do a deal with the Golden Company. With the gold safe in King's Landing, Randyll wants to get the rest of the supplies across the river before dark. Dickon admits it was strange to fight Highgarden men that he knew and that the smell of the dead was terrible, which Bronn mocks him for. 

It is then that Bronn hears the sounds of hooves and the Lannisters rush to take up defensive posts as the dothraki close in. Bronn tells Jaime to flee but he won't abandon his men and that is when Dany arrives on Drogon. He burns the men to allow the dothraki to charge, burning people and supplies all over the battlefield. Jaime tells Bronn to get to the weapon as he fight, and is saved by Dickon. After losing his horse and his gold, Bronn makes a run for the weapon and the first shot startles Dany but misses. The second hits Drogon and Dany is forced to land to attend to him. Tyrion watches the scene with horror and hopes that Jaime will run. Instead, he charges at Dany in the hope of killing her and is right in front of Drogon when he starts to breathe fire. From nowhere, someone knocks him into the water and out of the range of the fire...

My thoughts:

This is more like it! A much better episode all round with some good scenes and a nice battle! I loved Arya's arrival at the gates and her conversation with the men. An awkward reunion with Sansa occurs but she takes Bran's new creeyness in her stride. Poor Meera! Not much of a bloody thank you, was it Bran??? Her brother and Hodor died for you and you don't seem to care! Loved Brienne sparring with Pod and Arya. I so much want to see Arya sparring with Tormund at some point! He would teach her a few dirty tricks to add to her skills. And will somebody just kill Littlefinger already???

At last, Dany agrees to help Jon fight the White Walkers but did she have to insist that he bends the knee to her first? I was a bit annoyed at her going on about Jon's pride getting in the way as the Northerners are her people too and she shouldn't be using them as bargaining chips! I very much enjoyed the scenes leading up to the battle, with Dickon confessing that fighting was harder than he though. Yes, Sam is better off out of all that, don't you think??? I loved the battle with Dany and Drogo causing chaos-the scenes of Drogon zooming across the battlefield with fire spewing out were visually stunning! I admit I was in a bit of chaos as I watched, not wanting Bronn and Jaime to die but wanting Dany to destroy the Lannister army.

And what about that cliffhanger??? No, Jaime must not die until he has killed that bloody sister of his!!! I assume it was Bronn who tried to save I'm not sure that he is going to survive this. Gah, I hate having to wait a whole week!!! 


  1. I can't see Jaime dying. I just don't have that feeling. And I agree, he must kill Cersei first. Dany was much more tolerable this episode and I loved the scenes with her and Drogon. I also loved seeing Arya come home finally and her interaction with Brienne. Sansa is starting to irk me and I don't quite know what's going on in that pretty little head of hers. Plus, Arya needs to hurry up and kill Littlefinger before he can do any more damage. And Bran... now there's a whole different story. I'm sure there's a lot to this attitude and Meera may have nailed it on the head with him. However, I'd like to smack him just to get a reaction out of him. Look, this show's made me resort to violence!

    1. I think Arya and Brienne are going to become pretty close which is great. Lots of good partnerships going on like Jaime and Bronn. I really felt for Meera the way Bran is treating her. Sansa needs to die along with Littlefinger I think-they are doing my head in. Yeah the show makes me want to commit violence too! I'm very worried for Jaime and Bronn though...I'm not sure both will survive this but I hope they do. I can't see anyone but Jaime getting close enough to Cersei to kill her.

  2. I definitely think Bran is like "here Arya, use this and go forth w/ your list" lol. I loved the scene in the cave with Jon and Dany- nicely done. And I agree- her comment about pride could be applicable to her as well? Arya's reunion was well done, and I like that she and Sansa hugged.

    It was funny seeing Dickon so new to fighting as I just recently got done watching him as a pirate on Black Sails and he was pretty badass. :)

    I wanted Jaime to die! Is that awful? It would have been an oh shit moment and really made a statement how Dany is taking no prisoners and her dragons are game changers. Probably not a lot of people agree with me, but if they would have killed Jaime like that I would have been YES lol.

    1. I really want Bran to just SHARE some of what he knows like Littlefinger betraying Ned so Arya will kill him! I really liked the cave scene other than the 'bend the knee' shit. I understand wanting Jaime to die...if he has to die I'd want it to be a heroic and emotional thing with Tyrion crying over him and Jaime saying he forgives him for killing Tywin and maybe 'I love you little brother'. *blubbers*

      Can't wait for next week...the episode is supposedly called Eastwatch so you know what that means. Oh I'm so worried for Tormund! Wonder if the Brotherhood join them now as that would be great! Also we get to see Jon meet Drogon which I'm so excited to see! I wish Jon would hurry up and find out who he is! Maybe when Dany realises he has the better claim to the Throne she'll let him rule the north if he supports her claim. Hope so!

    2. Eastwatch? Awesome. Go Tormund! A ranging we will go? lol that should be fun. And Jon meeting Drogon- woot!

  3. I loved this episode! Who knew that watching a dragon BBQ an army could be so entertaining?

    I liked Dany more in this episode, but when she told Jon to kneel in the cave, I was like, “Wow, way to ruin the moment.” He’s trying so hard to make her believe in snow zombies. She finally believes, and then she kills his happiness with all the “kneel” stuff.

    The reunions were great, but Bran gets on my nerves. I wouldn’t mind if someone stabbed him. I’m ready for Littlefinger to die too. He just creeps around, being creepy. It’s time for him to go.

    The end of the episode pretty much gave me a heart attack. I don’t want Jamie and Bronn to die! Not yet, anyway.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. It was visually stunning wasn't it? Loved it! Dany is really bugging me this season. She is like uber bitch and I hate seeing her pick on Jon, Tyrion and Varys. I can see them all deserting her at this rate! Bran is certainly creepy but he does frighten Littlefinger which is always good. I hope Jaime and Bronnare ok. They need to be there next season!