Thursday, 31 August 2017

Deep Blue Terror Update

It's Deep Blue Terror Time at the Book Cave! For the rest of the month it is going to be all about sharks, sea monsters, crocodiles and anything else in the water that bites! There have been books read and dodgy films watched! Here is a taste of what I've done this month!

1) Hunter Shea-They Rise (read)
2) Hunter Shea-Loch Ness Revenge (read)
3) Hunter Shea-The Montauk Monster
4) Hunter Shea-Just Add Water (read)
5) J Kent Messum-Bait (read)
6) Michael Hodges-The Last Colossus (read)
8) Chris Jameson-Shark Island (read)
9) Jamie Hutchison-Red Swarm (read)
10) Eric S Brown-The Kraken Rises (read)
11) TR Schumer-Death Catch (currently reading)
12) Rick Chesler-Sawfish (read)
13) Paul Mannering-Hells Teeth (read)
14) Eric S Brown-Kraken (read)

Pretty pleased with the book side of things. I'm currently reading Death Catch so will finish that tonight. I'm adding the Montauk Monster on to Horror month so I'll get that read in October. I'm happy with that!

1) 2 Headed Shark Attack (watched)
2) 3 Headed Shark Attack (watched)
3) 5 Headed Shark Attack (watched)
4) Devil Fish
5) Jaws 3 (watched)
6) Red Water 
7) Raiders of the Lost Shark (watched)
8) Sand Sharks (watched)
9) Rogue (watched)
10) Shark Swarm
11) Shark Lake
12) Snow Shark (watched)
13) Super Shark
14) Jurassic Shark (watched)
15) The Reef (watched)
16) Open Water (watched)
17) Open Water 2 (watched)
18) Sharknado
19) Sharknado 2
20) Sharknado 3
21) Sharknado 4
22) Sharknado 5
23) Ghost Shark (watched)
24) Ice Sharks (watched)
25) Dinoshark (watched)
26) Piranha Sharks (watched)
27) The Shallows (watched)
28) Sharktopus (watched)
29) Sharktopus v Pteracuda 
30) Planet of the Sharks 
31) Ozark Sharks
32) Avalanche Sharks (watched)
33) Croc (watched)
34) Frankenfish
35) Jaws 4 (watched)
36) Alligator (watched)
37) Lake Placid (watched)
38) Deep Blue Sea (watched)  
39) Jurassic Croc (watched) 
40) 47 Meters Down 
41) Atomic Shark
42) Shark Shock
43) Dam Sharks
44) Empire of the Sharks
45) Toxic Shark
46) Beast of the Bering Sea

Very happy with the amount of films I got through so I think I'll keep going with that until my list here is completed! I've even added more to the pile! That should cover another month...More reviews coming each week!


  1. Can't wait to see 47 Meters Down! And I haven't seen Planet of the Sharks of Empire of the Sharks. I loved Frankenfish! Excited to see what you think of it. I see lots of Shea's books. Don't you love them. He just rips and tears through his stories. LOL Some books I really enjoyed that you might want to try are Swarm by Frank Schatzing, Ice Hunt and Subterranean by James Rollins, and a megalodon book, Extinct by Charles Wilson. Also liked They Hunger by Scott Nicholson.

    1. So many still to watch! I'm hunting down new ones as we speak. Just found Black Water! I do look forward to Frankenfish! This will be Sharknado weekend to start with-I watched the first one last night and really enjoyed it!

      Ooh books to look for! Great! I'll check these out on Goodreads...

  2. Sadly I never got to the sharknado movies, but there's still time!

    1. It's Sharknado weekend here! I watched the first one last night and plan to watch 2 and 3 tonight! 4 and 5 tomorrow!