Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Book Review: Fade Out by Rachel Caine (Morganville Vampires #7)

Without the evil vampire Bishop ruling over the town of Morganville,the resident vampires have made major concessions to the human population. With their newfound freedoms, Claire Danvers and her friends are almost starting to feel comfortable again…

Now Claire can actually concentrate on her studies, and her friend Eve joins the local theatre company. But when one of Eve’s castmates goes missing after starting work on a short documentary, Eve suspects the worst. Claire and Eve soon realize that this film project, whose subject is the vampires themselves, is a whole lot bigger—and way more dangerous—than anyone suspected.

My Review: 
Myrnin's lab is operational again but Claire is more concerned by Myrnin's new obsession with Bob the spider as a pet and a new pair of bunny slippers. She gets an unpleasant surprise when she opens a box and a light bomb goes off, giving her a nasty burn but it would have been a lot more dangerous to a vampire. Myrnin of course can't remember if it was aimed at him or if he rigged the trap himself. She is also upset at Eve starting to blank her in favour of hanging out with Kim, and to make it worse Kim is still chasing Shane who she had a brief fling with in the past. Is Claire going to lose Eve and Shane to her rival or will Ada kill her first?

Eve has finally landed a part in the latest Morganville theatre project-A Streetcar Named Desire. She starts hanging out with co-star Kim, and barely seems to notice how bitchy Kim is to Claire or that she is spending very little time with her best friend. Eve also realises that Michael is finally viewing himself as one of the vampires and it puts a bit of strain on their relationship. She is unaware that Kim is filming the vampires for a project, something that Oliver in particular isn't happy about. Oliver himself is concerned that Amelie is starting to lose control of the town as she broods about Sam and her trauma is putting Claire's health at risk along with the good of the town.

Morley and his vampires don't want to live under Amelie and her rules any more and want to leave town. Amelie won't let them go and forces their hand into doing something that could expose the whole town to the outside world. Myrnin isn't taking Claire's fear about Ada seriously but events are about to prove that he should have taken more notice of what he was too blind to see.  

Just when the humans think that things are getting better in Morganville, one human is about to set off a chain of events with a homicidal computer and a group of disgruntled vampires. Claire and her friends yet again will be tasked with solving the problem while Amelie and Oliver are fighting over the future of the town again. Just another day in a town full of bloodsuckers! It was a solid book in the series and I certainly liked it. Kim was the bitch from hell and I was hoping that Oliver would chew on her for a while!

Read June 2017
4 stars. 


  1. I was in my favorite used book store and came across a bunch of books in this series. I need to start this and see how I feel. Glad you are enjoying them. That's encouraging!

    1. I liked that the teenagers were capable and not cliched. They weren't whiny and useless. I loved the mix of good and bad vampires and the plots were good. not a town you want to live in!