Thursday, 10 August 2017

Book Review: Extinction Lost by Nicholas Sansbury Smith (EH #6.5)

NOTE: This story was originally published in SNAFU: Black Ops.

The war continues...  

Two days after the events of Extinction Aftermath, European Unified Command calls on Team Ghost for a top secret mission. The residents of a small Inuit fishing village in Greenland have gone missing and reports of Variants unaffected by Kryptonite have surfaced.

Fatigued, injured, and unaware of the events back in the United States, Master Sergeant Joe Fitzpatrick leads Team Ghost into the remote and alien winter landscape to determine the fate of the missing villagers. But as the operation unfolds they discover a harrowing revelation that could impact the world war against the Variants, and the future of the human race.

My Review: 
At last! A book featuring the furry variants in Greenland! I just have an image in my head of sort of zombie mutated Yetis!

A lost Nazi base on Greenland was a target for a team of soldiers to explore but when they go missing, Fitz and his team are sent to find out what happened to the men and why the biological weapons in this area didn't work. However, as the two teams are dropped off near an Inuit village, things start to go wrong very quickly when the variants start hunting them all.

I can't go into much detail because it is a short story but it is another adventure featuring Fitz and faithful hound Apollo, and the new Team Ghost. I liked the new setting in the snow of Greenland and finally we get to see the furry variants that were previously mentioned in the series. I am definitely thinking about variant Yeti type things which is kind of exciting though they probably don't even look like that in the author's mind!

I very much liked the scenes in the woods where you know they are being watched and it is very creepy. Much harder to see the white furry creatures than the soldiers sneaking through the snow. It was also tension filled when the soldiers entered the Nazi bunker to uncover what had happened there. There were a few surprising things inside the bunker which made the story very enjoyable.

I love the character of Fitz featuring him triumphing over the adversary of losing both legs in the war on terror, and finding purpose again in the war against the variants. I also love his furry companion Apollo, who is at his side on another scary mission. I so much want them both to survive the upcoming final book!

Great short story and it will keep me going until the last book comes out in November.
Read May 2017.
5 stars. 


  1. Zombie yetis - awesome! I love snowy settings so that alone would make the story more interesting for me.

    1. Scary snow Yeti variant zombie things on the loose!

  2. I'm with Barb. Zombie Yetis! LOL You are really enjoying this series and I've waited long enough. Going to go grab the first one and get started!

    1. Yea! Hope you'll enjoy it! The last book in this and the Arisen series will be out in November...*sobs*