Friday, 4 August 2017

Book Review: Kiss Of Death by Rachel Caine (Morganville Vampires #8)

Vampire musician Michael Glass has attracted the attention of a big- time producer who wants to cut a demo and play some gigs-which means Michael will have to enter the human world. For this, he's been assigned escorts that include both a dangerous immortal as well as Michael's all-too-human friends. And with that mix of personalities, this is going to be a road trip from hell...

My Review: 
Michael has been offered the chance to do a demo for a record producer down in Dallas and Amelie gives Claire, Eve and Shane permission to go with him for a few days break from Morganville-but only if they take Oliver as a chaperone to ensure they come back. Getting away from the Morley problem and the tensions at the house seems like a good idea. However it becomes clear that Oliver is on some kind of mission for Amelie and this road trip turns out to be just as dangerous as Morganville itself.

The unlikely group stop after dark at a small town that Oliver instructs them to go to, saying he has business there for Amelie and they should stay in the car. Of course Eve decides that she must have ice cream and they go inside where they receive a cold reception. Eve seems oblivious to the stares about her Goth looks and proceeds to act like a brat, shouting to the waitress that she wants served and rubbing everyone up the wrong way. I really wanted to slap her. It turns nasty when Michael has to intervene and only Claire's apologies lets them walk out without serious violence. Eve continues to whine and bitch at Claire for her intervention and then demands they go into town to look for ice cream which leads to a sheriff pulling up Claire and Shane for public indecency and their weapons almost being found. She behaves so childishly that I was getting sick of her.

It doesn't end there. The sheriff escorts them out of town where they wait at a nearby motel for an irate Oliver and the men from earlier come along and set fire to Eve's car, to the horror of the motel owner who chases the men with a gun, while the gang have to deal with a bloodied Oliver who also found trouble. After getting a new car from Linda's grandson, Eve notices that the motel where Oliver and Michael are sleeping is surrounded by police and she draws them away, only for the three of them to be arrested for the murder of the car burning men. Unknown to the group, Morley and his people have escaped Morganville and are heading their way...

Lets have a look at the struggles of the characters in this book. Eve is having a hard time and invites Jason round to dinner which does not go down well with her friends but after a tense meal, he leaves and Michael makes it clear that he will not be welcomed a second time. It is a blow to her as she just wants to repair her relationship with her brother. Eve is already very worried about her relationship with Michael, scared that becoming a real musician will be the end for them when fame and groupies come calling. However, her stubborn decision that she must have ice cream in a town that dislikes her on sight, leads them into a lot of trouble and she is so whiny in this book! Michael is angry about Eve asking Jason to come over when he has already caused so much trouble and he is nervous about making the demo and where it will lead.

This is not my favourite book in the series. I wasn't a fan of the road trip idea as that means that there is no Myrnin to have fun with and I miss all of the day to day Morganville terrors. Instead we get the steriotype small town where all outsiders are viewed with suspicion and hatred. I wasn't a big fan of the first half of the book but I am glad that at least Oliver was with them as I love his character. The second half was better when we get the vampire action starting to happen and we find out what Oliver is doing. I would rather we were back in Morganville though but it was still a decent read. 

Read June 2017
3 stars.  


  1. I have read a couple of the first book in this series, and I really did like them. I think I really need to start it back up. Great review.

    1. I'm not a YA fan but the characters don't behave like stupid brats and dumb steriotypes which is why I loved the series!