Friday, 1 September 2017

Sky Is Falling September!

Well, perhaps not literally! Anyone who spends time at my blog knows how much I love apocalypse and prepper fiction...and that is the theme for this month! EMPs, solar flares, zombies, flu pandemic, mutated monsters, terrorist attacks, natural disasters...I'm all over that stuff and I'll be reading lots of it this month! I'm selecting a pile of reads in different categories like series catchups (Franklin Horton, Matthew D Mark, JD McKenna), and new-to-me authors that have been on my shelf for a while. I expect to DNF a few as this genre can have some bad books so if that happens I might squeeze in a few more! Anyone else doing some apocalypse stuff?

These are some of the tempting sounding books on my list and I hope to read as many as I possibly can. I can't remember the length of the books I've chosen and couldn't be bothered checking but some might be shorter than usual which allows me to pack more in! And if I like a first in a series book, I might be tempted to read on...

1) Matthew D Mark-Dark Days Troubled Times
2) JD McKenna-Winterhaven #2
3) JD McKenna-Fractioned People #3
4) Robert Boren-The Plan
5) Nicholas Erik-Paradise
6) Bob Howard-Alive For Now
7) Kody Boye-First Light
8) KW Callahan-Downfall
9) WR Benton-Premonition of Death
10) EE Isherwood-Officer Down
11) Wilson Harp-EMP
12) CT Horner-Bug Out
13) Ralph V Gregorio-Live Free or Die Fighting
14) Murray McDonald-Trial
15) Ben Reeder-Inferno
16) Ben Reeder-Odyssey
17) Nevil Shute-On The Beach
18) Mike Kraus-Final Dawn
19) Mike Kraus-Archangel Rising
20) Mike Kraus-Surviving the Fall
21) Franklin Horton-Ashes of the Unspeakable #2
22) Franklin Horton-Legion of Despair #3
23) Franklin Horton-No Time for Mourning #4
24) Franklin Horton-Valley of Vengeance #5


  1. Love that picture and this sounds like an awesome theme. I bet you'll enjoy quite a few of these.

    1. I'm off to a great start with the Mike Kraus books. I can't read them fast enough! Also a few series I've started that I'm so excited to continue with!

  2. I love apocalypse fiction. I hope you find some good ones!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I have a feeling that this will be a great reading month!

  3. Replies
    1. i'm so excited to catch up on a few series and try a few new authors!