Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Film Review: Sharknado 4

My first Deep Blue Terror weekend was a huge success with 7 films watched and 3 books! The next weekend I looked at five films. Last weekend I watched another five and plan a few for tonight. Here I share with you my thoughts on another one I looked at.

Starring Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, David Hasselhoff, Masiela Lusha, Gary Busey 

It has been five years since the last sharknado, thanks to a tech firm called Astro X creating technology to disrupt the storms. With Fin in Vegas for a family reunion, a sand based tornado and a hotel full of sharks creates the start of a whole new series of storms for the Shepard family to stop. 

This was the craziest film yet in the series. We start with a bit of a Star Wars introduction this time, with Fin looking forward to seeing his son and bringing along cousin Gemini. At the same time April, her father and Gilbert are working for Astro X, each group thinking the others are dead. April is trying to adapt to her new body and talents but hearing her family are alive, sets out to find them. 

As always there is spot the celebrity with Gary Busey being perfect for the mad scientist and the return of two characters we thought were doomed-April and Gilbert. I love Gilbert so that pleased me! There are the usual fun scenes withdeadly sharks but this branches out to add lightning, boulder and nuclear sharknado just for something different. The locations this time range from Vegas to Kansas to Niagara Falls. One of my favourite bits was the Fin-hating crazy member of Congress in a Wizard of Oz sketch. That was pretty funny!

New cast and the return of old favourites make this another fun addition to the series.


  1. I bet a lot of actors vie for a cameo in these. I like Gary Busey. That grin of his is perfect for a villain. LOL

  2. Man you are flying though these. Gary Busey is in this one? Har!

    1. I watched these the weekend before last...a Sharknado marathon. Haven't had time to watch films this week sadly.