Thursday, 7 September 2017

Game of Thrones Series Seven Review (spoilers)

This series was a bit of a mixed bag for me though I did very much enjoy it. The writers are at their best when they do these great partnership moments as they did in previous series like Arya and Tywin, Bronn and Tyrion, Pod and Brienne, Arya and The Hound, Bronn and Jaime etc. Thankfully we had plenty of that to enjoy. There were great battle scenes, tense dramatic moments and the humour we have come to expect. This was all good.

However, with the reduced number of episodes, time was compressed a lot, which didn't greatly bother me but what did was that we see less of the supporting cast compared to other series. This did impact a bit of my enjoyment and the writers missed the chance to have good emotional scenes in between the action. I just felt there was too much focus on Dany and Jon and not enough of everyone else. So lets look now at the review of the season!

1) Jon-He need to tell Sansa to butt out, and get home! He needs to know things!
2) Tormund-His lust for Brienne has been highly entertaining! I love this guy!
3) The Hound-His redemption continues and he is a great conversationalist...'fuck off!'
4) Arya-The fight with Brienne, death to the Freys, general creepyness and killing Littlefinger!
5) Davos-Introducing Jon and the rescue of Gendry. I love his character.
6) Tyrion-Battle plans have gone to hell but I hate the way Dany talks to him!
7) Bronn-He's just a funny guy and I love his scenes with Jaime and Tyrion

1) Littlefinger-The great plotter brought down by a couple of girls! Score!!!
2) Cersei-She's morphing into the Mad King isn't she...
3) Euron Greyjoy-Tired of his Jack Sparrow prancing aboutness
4) The Mountain-What exactly is he now anyway???
5) The Night King-*shudders*
6) Sansa-Whiny, undermining Jon, sending Brienne away, spying on Arya. Enough!!!

1) Edmure Tully-Hello, anyone feeding him? Script guys remember him???
2) Ellaria Sand-Are we going to see her daughter die or what???
3) Yara Greyjoy-Can't we see her locked up or something?
4) Ghost-I miss my furry friend! He didn't get to eat anyone!
5) Brienne and Pod-Not enough of their partnership but I loved her thanking Pod. 
6) Gendry-Where is he right now???
7) Edd-I know the action is at Eastwatch but could his guys not have come to help? 
8) Melisandre-Where are you and what are you plotting...?

1) Tormund dreaming of big monster children with Brienne-Comedy gold!
2) Every conversation featuring Bronn-I laugh at him every time plus he saved Jaime.
3) Tormund bonding with The Hound-These guys need their own show!
4) Sam's toilet functions rant-Just as Gilly reveals the secret, Sam loses the plot! Epic!
5) Davos introducing Jon to Dany-A diplomat he is not... 
6) Seeing Cersei jealous of Brienne and crapping herself over the wight! Heh!
7) Lyanna Mormont declaring she will not be knitting during the battle-She really puts the northern men in their places! 
8) Tormund annoyed that Brienne isn't with Jon at Eastwatch-Poor Tormund!

1) The demise of Littlefinger-Liked the way it was set up but I knew what was coming when I saw Arya wearing the dagger she had given to Sansa. Fun scene though and now Arya has his face to use. Might she use it to kill Cersei?
2) Jaime leaves Cersei-Thank the Old Gods, AT LAST!!!
3) The Sand Snakes die-Good. They were written so badly!
4) Theon finds his backbone-About time! But how exactly will he find Yara?
5) The return of Gendry-Loved him and Davos together and his scenes at the beach!
6) Jon's secret is out!-Took Bran long enough to search his brain...
7) The murder of the Freys-Very satisfying scene, nicely written.
8) Sam cures Jorah-Pity Dany killed his family by way of thanks eh?
9) Hot Pie!-Great to see him back and meet Arya again!

1) The death of Viserion-Great, a zombie dragon.
2) Jon and Dany having sex-Ugh. Enough of the incest already.
3) Benjen-Wish they could've extended his heroic scene a bit.

1) Jaime facing off against Drogon-Yes to Bronn for saving the wassock.
2) Tormund taken down by the Army of the Dead-When he screamed help, I felt sick! First time I've ever seen him look scared and it was harrowing!
3) Tormund and Beric as the Wall crumbles-ARE THEY OK???????
4) Scanning the Army of the Dead for Hodor or Ice Spiders...Yes I was doing that...
5) Bronn firing on Drogon-Was worried for both of them.

1) The Magic Puddle Jaime nearly drowns in-Seriously? Hoof high to Black Lagoon in about a stride??? Um, yeah! And what was Jaime THINKING???
2) The Truck on the Hill-Forget the horse, run for the truck Jon! It has 4 wheel drive!
3) Arya and Ed Sheeran-In a shortened series we should be focusing on the supporting characters we saw little of rather than celebrity cameos as a treat for an actress!!! Get your heads out of your arses writers!!!
4) The plan to capture a wight-The dumbest plan ever. Like Cersei will ever join with you or CARE what is going on in the north??? Brain fart Tyrion???
5) Crap it's an ice bear dead thing!-OK that thing was scary! Poor Thoros!
6) Bitch Dany-Didn't like her much this series. I hated how she treated Tyrion and Varys, the bend the knee demand to Jon and the murder of the Tarlys. 

1) Not seeing great battles for Casterly Rock and Highgarden-Less Ed Sheeran, more Olenna Tyrell. Thought she might have poisoned the wine to try and kill Jaime.
2) Stark Bannermen-Talk about disloyal? Refuse to fight for Jon & Sansa, crawl back to call Jon King and while he is off trying to get an ally with dragons, you plot to crown Sansa? What a bunch of tossers!
3) Sansa-She drove me nuts this series. Undermining Jon in front of his men, whining all the time, complaining to Littlefinger, spying on Arya...stop being annoying, bitch!
4) King's Landing people-They jeered Cersei on her walk of shame and cheered Margaery. Cersei killed her and everyone else yet they cheer Euron and jeer Cersei's enemies? What is wrong with these people? Burn them all!!!
5) Dany and Jon-Their first meeting bugged me. Jon was terrible at explaining about the threat north and Dany was just being a total bitch after Tyrion said Jon would be an ally. I wanted to 

1) Death of Randyll and Dickon Tarly-Yes I know he was terrible to Sam but Randyll tried to save Dickon and the moment when he grabbed his son's arm just before they died put a lump in my throat! 
2) Death of Viserion-Watching the poor guy sink into the lake was horrible. Poor Dany!
3) The Hound-Returning to where he robbed the man and his daughter with Arya and trying to make amends.
4) The parting of Missandei and Grey Worm-There was always something so sweet and innocent about their relationship and I didn't mind their sex scene. 
5) Nymeria-Nymeria chooses her pack over Arya. Might she return for the season 8 battle?

1) Sam learning what maester training is really about-Ugh! Need it be so graphic?
2) Jon bedding Dany-No need for it plot wise and it was annoying. The writers did it despite a lot of fans objections.
3) Bran's treatment of Meera-Ungrateful little raven sod!

1) Tormund and The Hound-A classic comedy duo and loved The Hound saving Tormund.
2) The Hound and Brienne-Bonding over their wild child Arya. Sweet!
3) The Hound and The Mountain-Just for a moment we see Sandor feel a little sympathy for his brother. Liked that!
4) Gendry and the Brotherhood-Amends are made.

1) Seeing the Brotherhood captured by Tormund-That would've been fun and let us see more of both this season.
2) Ellaria and her daughter coping with the poisoning-I loved the scene with Cersei poisoning her but why not follow it up with mother and daughter in the dungeons?
3) Brienne telling Littlefinger to stay away from Sansa-Having her threaten him just before Sansa sent him away would've upped the tension.
4) Arya setting Edmure and his wife free-Yes Arya, leave your uncle rotting in a cell! Setting them free and letting them go to Winterfell or rule The Twins would've been nice.
5) Yara and Euron-Wouldn't you have liked to see more of this after her capture? 
6) Edd-at Castle Black, preparing for war and coming to Eastwatch. Or seeing Edd at the meeting at Winterfell to discuss tactics.
7) Dany's dragons destroying Euron's fleet!-It's not like he has a scorpion to shoot at it! 
8) Bran-Seeing some relevant flashbacks would've been nice.

1) Drogon attack near Highgarden-Cinematography on this was superb. Loved it!
2) The Battle Beyond The Wall-Yes time was warped but the battles were great. Loved the ice bear, Dany's recue and The Hound annoying the dead! 
3) The Big Meeting-So many excellent bonding moments and of course, the wight!
4) Group bonding beyond the Wall-So many nice moments between The Fellowship!
5) The Confession of Olenna Tyrell-Loved the way this scene played out with her admitting she never expected Joffrey to die so painfully. Heh! 
6) Varys-Standing up to Dany for questioning his loyalty.
7) Euron's attack-Yara's ships attacked by her uncle was a great visual scene.
8) The Dragons-Every scene with flying dragons was great! Very realistic looking!
9) Davos bribes the Lannister men-Funny! 

Overall a good solid season but the decision to cut the episodes was silly. While I don't mind seeing time shortened, I do mind scenes with supporting characters being missed out so we have more Jon and Dany.


  1. I agree with so much of this. The side characters really got screwed by shortening the season. There was so much focus on Jon and Dany that the writers forgot about everybody else. It annoyed me that some characters (like Yara) just disappeared. Not cool!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Yara was certainly one that I missed on screen. I'm going to go mad if someone doesn't find Edmure!!!

  2. I loved this overview. I really agree that Sansa needs to die and bitchy Dany - yes. Maybe sex with her nephew will cure that in the upcoming series. Also, you nailed the Euron description - he does remind me of Jack Sparrow in a bad way.

  3. Poor Edmure. Totally neglected. I did think Arya was great this season, and davos is always great. I missed Melisandre, we didn't get much of her. I did enjoy seeing Beric and his flaming sword. Plus Hot Pie and Gendry!

    Yeah more Yara. And lol at the truck. The King's Landing humanoids are all in for cersei even after she blows up the Sept? Yeah right! They screwed that up... they sure did do the dragons well though. They were awe inspiring.

    Great review, I agree with so much of this. We needed more...

    1. There were good things this series but just not enough of it.