Friday, 15 September 2017

Chuckles Chat #34 Genres We Love and Why!

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This Week! A nice easy one for everyone to get involved with...Genres We Love!

As a kid I was into girls boarding schools, child detectives, horses and magical things! I then started reading teen romances. However this came to a halt when I found horror! As the years went by I had little time for reading but love for books came back when I first read Harry Potter and then found out about urban fantasy through Goodreads. Joining Goodreads and then Bookcrossing was a revelation! In Bookcrossing I decided to experiment with my reading and went through phases. I enjoyed Asian non fiction, reading lots about women in Middle East, Africa, Asia. I used to read true stories of abuse but not any more. Tastes change over the years and that was true of my reading!

Now lets look at the genres I currently love and why!

1) Zombies
I saw an ad for an out of print series called the Morningstar Strain by ZA Recht but a nice man at the secondhand bookstore managed to get the first two. It was a group of military men at the Suez Canal trying to stop a zombie outbreak and their escape to the coast. It was breakneck pace like I had never seen before in a horror book plus it was graphic and gory. It was also full of tension as we waited for the zombies to attack in each creepily quiet town. This was a whole new excitement for me and I've since sought out more similar fast paced zombies like Michael Stephen Fuchs 'Arisen' and Nicholas Sansbury Smith's 'Extinction Horizon'. I just love the way something tense or gory is happening on most pages! If you love zombies, check them out!  

2) Urban Fantasy
I define UF as something paranormal/magical in a modern environment. ie werewolves in mosdern day US or UK. The first books in this genre that I set out to try were Kelley Armstrong, Charlaine Harris, Patricia Briggs, Jeaniene Frost, Kim Harrison, Carrie Vaughn, Jennifer Estep. I then found so many others! What I love about the genre are kickass main characters, the mixture of action and humour, we get animal sidekicks and teams of people joining together to defeat bad guys. I love the mix of monsters that we see-demons, werewolves, shifters, vampires, mutants, mythological creatues...the list is never ending! I like fast paced stories with characters you root for and prefer no or limited romance in them.

3) Apocalypse
This differs from dystopia for me because it is all about the apocalypse and not grim future worlds. The apocalypse happens in our time and we see ordinary people, preppers, military all trying to survive the disaster, get to safety, stay alive, gather supplies, avoid hostile people or monsters. I love the tension before it starts, the mayhem as it begins and the confused aftermath. They are full of tension and drama and I can't get enough of it! EMP, solar flare, viral outbreaks, killer storms, erupting volcanoes, terrorist attacks, nuclear attacks...I love reading this genre. 

4) Preppers
By this I'm not talking about the Doomsday preppers on TV. The books I read are about normal people who worry about what they would do if a natural disaster or attack on their country occurs. Families who store food and weapons, people who have cabins in a rural area to go to, people on self sufficient farms, communities banding together after disaster, retired military people who know how bad the world can be. The disasters are the same as the apocalypse ones but more focus on preparing for what is coming. I find prepper fiction totally fascinating and I get caught up in what I would do in the same situation!

5) Tudor Fiction
I am fascinated by Henry VIII, his wives and children and the War of the Roses. I never get tired of fiction from this time period especially Henry's wives. It's more dramatic than anything you could make up! Weirdly, I don't mind the romance element in these books as much. 

6) Horror
I love mutated monsters, deadly beasties, cannibals, slashers, rampaging dinosaurs, sharks, things lurking in the woods like evil Sasquatches, experimental monsters it! For me the books should be tense but the plot cannot be slow or I get bored. I must root for at least some of the MCs or there isn't any point. I like graphic and gory but if it is well written I don't mind less of that. I don't mind if the plot is far fetched as long as it is fun and the body count is high! I'm not into slow or psychological horror or ghost related things.

7) Mountain Expeditions
I enjoy reading about the expeditions on the mountains especially the ones involving disasters or mass danger. I love hearing about the extreme conditions and why these people take such risks. I don't know why but this all fascinates me.

What genres do you love and why do you love them? What makes them so good?


  1. When I was a kid, I mostly read nonfiction about animals and wilderness survival. As a teen, I read horror and nothing else. Then I spent 11 years in college, which forced me to get way out of my reading comfort zone. I mostly read classics during those years. Now I’ll read pretty much anything, as long as it’s well-written.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I think I lost my way with horror and just got back into it in the last four years or so. I'm looking forward to Horror Month starting soon!

  2. I really do read a bit of everything. Ok, most things but not quite everything. I don't think I have read a prepper book yet. I love urban fiction, romance, mystery, horror, and ya. I will try just about anything.

    1. You and AJ seem to have wide reading tastes! There are so many zombie and apocalypse reads out there especially Indie and self published, that I could just read these forever!

  3. I have to pick?! You know me, grasshopper minded. Romance, historical, non-fic, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery...

    1. I don't mind romance elements in Tudor books which seems a bit strange! Mind you I am a bit strange!

  4. I do like urban fantasy although not all of it works for me- I have to be kinda selective. Otherwise I've always been a SF/ fantasy guy with I guess some mysteries on the side- now I'm into thrillers a lot more . And some YA.

    1. I like the kickass UF with limited or no romance and a nice fast plot like Benedict Jacka and Kevin Hearne. I hate seeing a book labelled UF when it is not stop sex and romance! I think I'm too impatient to read thrillers in case they are slow starting. I'm probably missing some good books but that's life I guess!