Sunday, 17 September 2017

Chuckles Goes Sampling

Seeing Kermit surrounded and almost buried in leaves kind of reminds me of my relationship with books. I'm pretty much buried in them too! I have no more space in my house for the books I buy and piles are sitting on the floor which isn't good and I can't read them quick enough because I keep buying!!! I've battled to reduce the tbr without success this year but now Kermit and I are embarking on a new plan to reduce the book buying and give me a chance to reduce the tbr at last. The Plan? Download samples instead of buying!

I haven't done this post for a few weeks as I didn't have samples to fit my Deep Blue Terror theme but I have grabbed some apocalypse samples which fit this month's theme!

This is what I looked at last week:

1) Lee West-Survive And Escape 
Jane and Sam are just finishing a survivalist camping trip in the national park and are coming back towards their car when they start to notice that things are wrong. Groups of people who don't look like campers heading into the park, no aircraft or car noise. At the car park, all of the vehicles are broken down. Now they must hike back home to get to their daughter.

This one just didn't grab me. It took a few chapters to start getting into the story but I found Sam and Jane to be puzzling. Sam is a former marine who stands trembling when he points a gun at unarmed criminals yet Jane the confident cop has no issues in pointing her gun. What kind of marine is armed and afraid of three amateur criminals? For preppers it takes them ages to work out that it was an EMP even when the cars and phones don't work. They are slow to grasp the situation and the detour to the ranger station is a bit dumb. I didn't feel any sense of urgency and tension in the plot to make me want to turn the page. I didn't feel that the characters were developed enough as it felt more tell than show and we get little of the thoughts of the characters. It just didn't feel threatening like an apocalypse should. I'm not going to be buying this one.  

2) Connor McCoy-Defending Hope
Months after the apocalypse has hit, Criver, a former security guard, intervenes to stop a group of men from harming a young boy. 

There's nothing wrong with the writing or the plot but it just wasn't for me. I like to see the apocalypse happening and how the characters deal with the events. I'm not as keen on going to the characters after it has happened when safe zones are established and gangs have their territories. I like to see things evolve. Seeing the apocalypse occur through short flashbacks just doesn't do it for me. Not my kind of read.

3) Jeffrey Miller-Trekking Home 
Nate is a former Army Ranger who was on holiday with friends in a Montana cabin when the economic collapse hits. By the time he is driving into Wyoming he becomes aware that things are not as they should be, and helping a couple stranded by the roadside gives him an idea of what he is about to face on his journey home to his parents in Texas.

This one was better. Nate is a guy you can like, who is unaware of what has happened because nobody at the cabin had the news on during their get-together. I really enjoyed him meetingGene, Mattie and Sammie and I wish that we had spent a bit more time with them before Nate headed for Texas, as I liked their characters. I think that this book has some potential and I will probably take a look at it when a paperback becomes available. 

4) JR Tate-Tornado Warning
Ryan lives with his wife and son and does storm spotting for the emergency services. With the storms beginning in his area and older residents predicting disaster, Cecilia does not want him to go spotting, especially after her parent's home suffers a near miss with a tornado. Ryan decides to do his duty but the weather changes fast and he is now trying to outrun the biggest tornado he has ever seen.

I've already grabbed an apocalypse book by this author as it seemed full of tension in the sample and this book was the same. I quickly warmed to the family and their situation. I was caught up in the drama of watching the cloud formations change, the tornado warnings on the TV, and the storm beginning to grow. I could feel the tension with all the characters as the tornado lands-Cecilia pacing nervously at home with her husband not answering his radio, and Ryan realising that he is in real trouble with the tornado chasing him. It was a fascinating and tense sample which made me want to rush out and buy the three books in the series-so I did!  


  1. We have lots of tornados where I live. Whenever we see the clouds spinning, everybody in the neighborhood runs outside to watch it. We’re idiots, but tornados are so cool.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. They do fascinate me and I'd love to see them for real but only from a safe spot and with no damage to property or life!