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Game Of Thrones Gossip #34 The Lannisters

Welcome to my Game of Thrones Gossip, where all of us fanatics get the chance to discuss everything we love about this amazing TV series. I decided to do a whole series of these discussion posts that let us say everything we want and enjoy every second of it! The topics may talk about a death, an event, a character or be season reviews and so on. Please feel free to comment fully and without restriction!

I have to warn you that it is important that you have seen all six seasons before reading any of these posts because these posts and blogger comments will be oozing and exploding spoilers all over the place. If you haven't watched the series and plan to, be warned that it's a bad idea to be here right now! I take no responsibility if you read on and things are spoiled for you.

Now I'm going to look at the main characters introduced in season two, what our season one characters were doing in season two and looking at all the bests bits. Enjoy the season two posts! 

This week I'm taking a look at The Lannisters in season two, with the exception of Tyrion, who will get a post of his own.

Tywin has faced several battle defeats at the hands of Robb Stark and realises that winning this war is not going to be easy and his armies attack in the Riverlands. He sets his base at Harrenhal and arrives in time to save Gendry from being tortured to death, putting him and the other prisoners to work instead. He sees Arya and likes that she was clever enough to travel as a boy, making her his cupbearer. Tywin talks to Arya about his struggles to teach Jaime to read and deduces that she is from the north and pretending to be a peasant. I liked the scenes with the two of them and I wondered if Tywin knew exactly who his prisoner was, and intended to keep her safe from Joffrey after what happened to Ned. Certainly Littlefinger seems to recognise her, during a meeting to discuss an allience between the Lannisters and Tyrells.

Tywin believes that he was the intended target when Amory Lorch is killed By Jaqen H'ghar at Arya's instruction. Tywin believes one of his own men is responsible and orders torture to discover the truth. He views Robb as a greater current threat than Stannis setting sail and leads his men out of Harranhal, allowing Arya to arrange her escape with Gendry and Hot Pie. However we next see Tywin charging into King's Landing with Loras Tyrell and their armies, just in time to defeat Stannis and stop Cersei killing herself and Tommen.

Cersei assumes the role of Queen Regent but in reality, Joffrey is determined to rule his own way and will not let her interfere. The arrival of the letter from Stannis proclaiming her incest with Jaime and her children being bastards means she has something to fight against at home while the War of the Five Kings progresses. When Littlefinger presumes to dig at her about it, she comes close to having him killed just to prove that she still exerts power. She denies the rumours when Joffrey asks, being angry enough to strike him and Joffrey for the first time turns his venom to her and she is aware of what her son has become. Joffrey decides to stop any challenge to the Throne by murdering all of Robert's bastards with only Gendry escaping his wrath. Cersei shows a little warmth to Sansa after the girl's first period, trying to give her advice about taking comfort from her children, not her husband. When Sansa asks if she should not love Joffrey as well, Cersei cynically replies 'you can try'. She knows what Joffrey is like and fully remembers the misery of her marriage to Robert.

She also has conflict with Tyrion as her brother starts to wield power as Hand, replacing one of her loyal subjects Janos Slynt, arresting Pycelle and arranging to send Myrcella to Dorne to marry the son of the Prince. Cersei is devastated at losing her daughter and threatens to get Tyrion back for it. She refuses to assist the Night's Watch with extra men and rejects peace terms with Robb Stark. In fact the only thing that she agrees with Tyrion on is that they must find Arya if there is any hope of a trade to get Jaime back. Lonely without Jaime, she opens her bed to her cousin Lancel and is unaware that he has been forced to spy for Tyrion. She plots to unleash wildfire on Stannis when he arrives but refuses to work with Tyrion on a better plan, leaving Tyrion to sneak behind her back to try and find a way to save the city.

Tyrion makes his own threat to destroy her happiness after she has Ros tortured, mistaking her for Shae. As the battle of the Blackwater rages, Cersei gets drunk, telling the women gathered that if Stannis wins they will all be raped. She tells Sansa that Ilyn Payne is in the room with them to ensure they all die rather than be abused and killed by the attacking army, all of which alarms Sansa. She orders Lancel to bring Joffrey back to safety and attacks him when he challenges her about losing the morale of the troops. When it seems that all is lost, she takes Tommen to the Throne Room and is preparing to poison them both when Tywin arrives to tell her that Stannis is defeated. She happily persuades Joffrey to ditch Sansa and marry Margaery, something she will regret in later seasons.

In this series we see the complete love that Cersei has for her children and she is distraught at Myrcella being sent away from her, as she was sent to Robert who never loved her. Deep down she probably knows that her daughter is safer out of King's Landing but as Tyrion caused the seperation, it is easier for her to hate him for it. She reveals to Sansa that she knows how difficult it will be to marry Joffrey but kindly tells her that the children they have together will be her compensation. Cersei tearfully confides in Tyrion that she cannot control Joffrey and fears that he is her punishment for being with Jaime. In a rare moment of sympathy, Tyrion reminds her that her other children are wonderful. The fact that she comes so close to killing Tommen shows that she would not let her child be tortured by her enemies. At times in the series, I felt real sympathy for Cersei.

Jaime begins season two as the prisoner of Robb Stark, who is determined to take Jaime with him as a prisoner rather than leave him as a castle to be guarded, in case Tywin can bribe or threaten someone to release him. Robbtells Jaime that his secret is out, revealing the letter sent to all the main houses by Stannis to prove he is the heir, not Joffrey. Outwardly he is arrogant and rude to Robb but that soon changes when Grey Wind threatens him. He sees a chance at escape when Alton Lannister, a distant relative and current messenger is put into the same cage. After bonding over their experiences as squires for men they admired, Jaime kills Alton and the guard Torrhen Karstark. The escape attempt is shortlived but places Jaime in mortal danger.

With Robb out of camp it falls to Catelyn to persuade Roickard Karstark not to kill Jaime in revenge for his son's death. As the men grow drunker Brienne tells Catelyn that Jaime will not survive the night, never mind until Robb returns. Catelyn asks Brienne to take Jaime to King's Landing and asks Jaime to ensure that her daughters are freed in return. Jaime agrees to the terms but it is not clear at this stage whether or not he intends to live up to that bargain. He decides to entertain himself by goading Brienne about her looks and sex life but is impressed when he sees her fighting and killing Stark men who recognise Jaime . He asks why she killed them and she tells him that she serves Catelyn, not Robb.

Jaime continues to be obnoxious in this series, coldly telling his captors that he was trying to kill Bran when he threw him out of the window. His barbs at Catelyn and Robb make him the prisoner from hell and his escape attempts caused real friction between the Starks and Karstarks which will have far reaching consequences. He is truly despicable to Brienne about her looks and tries his best to make her life a misery on the journey. We do see one chink in his armour when he is talking to Catelyn. He says that he has only ever been with Cersei and never cheated on her unlike the man of honour Ned Stark. We of course know the truth of that but Jaime didn't at that stage. He says that all the vows he took conflicted with each other when he served The Mad King. Obeying the King and protecting the weak never went hand in hand so he has a point. I think we realise in his captivity that he is trying very hard to be evil and live up to an image but is that really him?


  1. I have a wee bit of hope for Jamie. The others could be eaten by dragons. LOL This family is beyond warped and so fun to watch!

    1. Maybe Arya will kill Jaime in revenge for what he did to Bran then use his face to kill Cersei...!

  2. I really hope Jaime gets a redemption arc next season. I want to see him rebel and kill his sister.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I have loved Jaime's story and I'm so pleased that he is heading north! But where is Bronn...?

  3. I think the Sansa/ Cersei dynamic is interesting as Cersei is at once her captor but also to a certain extent a teacher of sorts- maybe not a very good one lol but she does teach about power and how she needs to toughen up a bit. It was nice to see that on the screen.

    1. I always thought that Cersei should've had more empathy for Sansa, knowing she was another young girl getting married to a man she'll hate, just like Cersei was. I liked their scenes when Cersei tried to offer advice.