Saturday, 2 September 2017

Book Title Book Tag

I found this book tag on Metaphors & Moonlight  and thought I'd give it a try. Originally posted by ReadingRealm on YouTube. You can find it here:

1) Title That's The Story Of Your Life
Adulthood is a myth. I never did grow up me!

2) Title That Describes Your Perfect Weekend
Big Mushy Happy Lump. That's me lying in my bed before the alarm goes off! I couldn't find a book called 'scoff a kebab' as that is my favourite part of the weekend!

3) Title Of An Adventure You'd Like To Go On
Everest. I'd love to visit Base Camp on the south side then photograph Everest from the north! I'd love to do the same with K2 but it's a lot more dangerous to be near.

4) Title You Want To Name Your Child
I hate kids and never wanted any so I'll go with dogs here. Woof. Always wanted to call a dog that but to give it that foreign exotic sounding name, I'd go for Woofski. I doubt I'll find THAT as a book title!!!

5) Title Of Your Ideal Job
The Godfather. I have such plans for The New Republic of Chuckles! Children will be made to have leads and muzzles on in public like dogs, cats will not get to shit in other people's gardens, yobs of every age will get locked up forever, people who park across your driveway will be tasered by the home owner, people holding up queues in supermarkets will be hog tied and returned to their cars, anyone breaking into your home can be clubbed over the head with The World of Ice & Fire or similar skull breaking book and anyone writing in the book margins/folding corners/breaking spines or other book abuse will have their books taken into (my) care! Kneel at my feet bitches!!!

6) Title Of A Place You'd Like To Visit
Jurassic World! Before the dinosaurs eat you of course!Also The Great Zoo of China could be interesting!

7) Title Of Your Love Life
Dead as a Doornail. And I'm happy that way! I just can't be bothered with men getting in the way of my reading, blogging, Game of Thrones watching...

8) Questions You Ask Yourself
The questions I ask myself are never going to be book titles! How about the 'Why should I bother...' books? It kind of sums up Sloth Chuckles.

9) Title of A Kingdom You Want To Rule Or Name
The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros. See? I found a title with Westeros in it! Now I shall rule from the Iron Throne though I'll put a nice couple of Batwing cushions to soften it up. Maybe I could rule in a Laz-y-Boy? Hmmm, I'll do a post about my Kingdom!

10) Title You'd Name Your Band
Swamp Monster Massacre. Crypto Squad. Planet Sasquatch.

Want to join in? You're tagged!


  1. :D Made me laugh with this one. What a great post!

    1. I let my inner idiot out to play with this one!

  2. The Godfather! I like that one. LOL And your choice for a band name. Too cool. You cracked me up with your answers:)

    1. I'm well suited to being Godfather I think. I have no morals and I hate people! *grins*

  3. #5 cracks me up. Kids w/ muzzles lol

  4. hahahahahaha you killed me wiith your answers Chuckles! I think ,y life title should be adulthood is a myth too! seriously, who likes growing up??? and you sound like my hubby when you say you hate kids. Kids are definitely a hit or miss I think. People either love them or hate them. I love them and can get enough of them but It's hard for me to set up play dates and be around them because my husband can barely stand ours LOL and hell yeah. Men DO get in the way of reading and blogging! I rushed to visit you today because FINALLY my hubby decided to get out of the house with our kids YAAAAAAY