Monday, 25 September 2017

Chuckles Mini Reviews Round Up

I review everything I read, on my blog and on Goodreads. Most reviews are of a decent length but sometimes you don't have much to say about the book because of its length or you DNFed it or various other reasons. In cases like that it makes sense to write a few mini reviews in one post and clear them out your way! So lets catch up with reviews from July-September this year.

1) Teagan Kearney-Hekate's Chalice 
JB runs a detective agency looking into the theft of a chalice from a local Coven, who use it to advise clients facing big decisions. They only have a few days to solve the mystery.

OK the first problem here were the characters. JB won't fire the lazy and useless Jason as he fears Jason's gorgeous sister will also quit. Nikki is jealous that Zhanna has better computer skills than her and bitches about her style being copied by her rival every day. Zhanna is a fairy serving a detention sentence on Earth and does nothing but whine, complain and wind up Nikki. I don't really like any of them much. It is also pretty dull. We get every detail of every outfit Zhanna is wearing and she changes several times a day. We are told frequently that Nikki hates her and told constantly how Zhanna has to take breaks for sleep through the day because of energy burnout. I fail to see why the author has to keep telling these facts over and over and over as I was getting really frustrated by the repetition! We are reminded all the time that JB likes Gemma but is too nice to try and break up her relationship with a bad boyfriend. Yes we get it, enough already!

The fashion details and repetition got more annoying as the book went on. I just couldn't stand it by the end. I won't be reading on in the series.

2) EE Isherwood-Officer Down   
This is a short story from the Sirens series and I read this to get a free look at the author before buying anything. I'm glad that I did this as I wasn't loving it. 

James is a cop who wakes up near a mine after a car crash, and the zombies are on the way to him. The people all decide to hide in the mine and hope that the soldiers will save them. James is not a character that I took to. He appears to be a cop that doesn't like dealing with the general public or trying to help them as his annoyed attitude here shows. He doesn't like being asked what they should do or where to go. Then he decides to be a cop again when he needs help blocking the mine entrance and is annoyed when the people don't want to help him. He has a low opinion of anyone who isn't him and I just found his character annoying and a bit unpleasant. The side characters were the same and I didn't care if they all died. The only one I gave a damn about was the dog who of course died. Great. The dog was the only one with personality!

I didn't greatly like the MC or the way the story unfolded so I'm not going to read on with the series.

3) Erin Hayes-Damned If I Do 
Edie and Meghan are sisters and vampire hunters-the famous Harker sisters. Meghan is the chosen one until the sisters are imbushed one night, leaving her dead and Edie infected by a deadly bite which is killing her. With Meghan's daughter next in line after Edie, she resolves to hunt down and kill her attacker.

There is nothing wrong with the writing by the author or the way the story is set out. I liked the Buffy type Chosen One story and what is slowly happening to Edie. Jude is decent enough as reformed vampire with amnesia who wants to help her and I liked the supporting cast of Edie's family, especially cousin Carl. There were some good ideas and a solid enough story to keep you interested. 

My issue was that I just couldn't love Edie. I didn't hate her but I just found her frustrating. When Graeme nags her about her constant vampire hunts, Edie should be reminding him that his daughter will be doing the job next and she is trying to get justice for Meghan. Instead she says nothing and acts like a doormat. She is The Harker but seems to have learned little about vampire hunting and constantly needing rescue by Jude. There isn't a lot of depth to her as she seems to be constantly complaining about things instead of being proactive about it. Yes life has dealt her a bad hand but she needs to deal with it! Training and planning might be better than what she actually does. Buffy she is not! I just wanted to see her being more kickass and less whiny, and accepting help from those around her.

I don't think I would read on with the series purely on the basis of not liking the MC as much as I wanted to but I do recommend it to others who love vampires.


  1. I was curious to now what you'd think about Damned If I Do. I just never really connected to any of the characters. I don't remember the first book well enough to remember how Edie acted in that one though. I think she got a little more backbone as the series went on. But anyway, sounds like all these books had characters you just didn't like. Bummer!

    1. It's probably good that I find ones I don't connect to or my ereader might explode! I certainly didn't connect with the MC in Damned If I Do, though it was by no means a bad book. Just not enough to make me read on...