Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Chuckles Chat #35 Genres We Won't Read And Why

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Last week I looked at the genres we love and why we love them so lets look now at the popular genres that just don't interest us and why we feel that way. This is about our own opinion and not saying we are right and those who read them are wrong!

Tastes change through time. It seems weird to me that I loved reading crime and romance as a kid but don't go near them now. Phases I had years back have come and gone and I mostly read in my favourite genres unless something really catches my eye. 

1) Romance
I try to avoid romance elements where possible as I feel that too many books put in an unconvincing romance which overpowers the actual story you wanted to read. If a romance is done well like the slow burner of Mercy and Adam by Patricia Briggs or the fun romance of Cat and Bones by Jeaniene Frost then I do sometimes like it. But show me insta-luv or have a good thriller plot overshadowed by dumb love triangles and I'm out of there! Love triangles are a deal breaker and I won't even pick up the books if I see it in the blurb. I never read gay romances either as it just doesn't interest me. I rarely comment on romance reviews or posts.

2) Erotica/Sex filled books
I avoid this like the plague as sex scenes pretty much bore me and I skip past them. I never read paranormal romance as there is too much sex and not enough plot for my tastes. I'll also avoid urban fantasy where the blurb mentions soulmates and hot men. I'd rather have an action packed plot than love angst all through it.

3) Crime
I'm not a fan of books that just investigate a crime even in the horror/UF genre. The endless questioning of multiple witnesses bores me. I've tried lots of crime authors and just been unable to get into them as I find them too slow for me and too repetitive. The exceptions were James Patterson's Alex Cross (though I've quit reading them now) and Jeffrey Deaver's Lincoln Rhyme which was just different from the rest of the genre.

4) Contemporary
I guess I don't really enjoy reading about people's live without an apocalypse or zombie or something in it! A lot of the books are slow and it is rare for me to see a blurb in the genre that grabs me. I guess I want to go into new worlds away from the humdrum of normal life, coming of age, illness and death, so I guess contemporary will never suit me. If I do see a blurb I like I might try the odd one.

5) Young Adult
I used to read paranormal and dystopian YA and did find some good books but then everything I picked up became a copy of Twilight with mysterious hot boys, love triangles, soulmates and so on. The tropes were so bad that it put me right off the whole genre. Now I only read the very odd one that doesn't sound full of cliches and tropes!

6) Epic Fantasy
Despite reading LOTR, I've never been into the elves and goblins like stuff so I never read a lot of that kind of fantasy. However I'm such a huge fan of Game of Thrones that I think I would like to try at least a few more fantasy books if I could find something similar. I'd be looking for modern writing without waffle or too much description, complex characters, limited romance, action and humour, not too slow to get into, with twists and shocks! If you have a rec let me know!

7) Sci-fi
I don't read much sci-fi at all except some falling more into dystopia! I never read space settings other than maybe going to planets and getting attacked by dinosaurs or sasquatches! I know there will be a lot of books out there to appeal to me but I've no time to look for the ones that might appeal. It's weird because I love sci-fi tv and films.

8) Steampunk
I just don't enjoy this genre at all especially the Victorian setting with girls and their society manners. I do find some of the inventions interesting though.

9) Graphic Novels/Manga/Comics/

I'm not a fan of Manga or comics...I just don't read them, never have. I prefer a so called 'proper' novel to a graphic novel and they are also expensive to buy.

10) Audiobook
I'd like to have audiobook cd of all my favourite reads but they are just too expensive for my budget! I only have the Harry Potter books by Stephen Fry and the first two Game of Thrones as they were on sale. I would read more if the price was cheaper.

11) Chicklit/Woman's fiction 
The books just don't really appeal to me.

12) Western
Whether it is a cowboy book or an apocalypse with a western feel, I'm not into these books. I never watch western films either.

13) Kids
I don't read books aimed at younger kids. There are too many other books in my favourite genres to read kids books other than the odd Berenstain Bears book!

What genres do you never or rarely go to? What is it about them that you don't like?  


  1. I’ll try reading pretty much anything, but I don’t like fluffy books. If something is described as a “beach read” or a “rom-com,” I run the other way.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I'd be running along puffing, somewhere behind you!

  2. you are right! so many books so little time why to read genres you don't fully enjoy? Many genres on your list I don't read much or at all either like crime, lit, erotica, western, and Epic Fantasy. I didn't think I like contemporary either but for some reason I'm liking High School drama when there is a mental health topic involved. I do enjoy romance when it's well done. :)

    1. I did all my reading experiments when I was younger so I kind of worked out my preferences. When I discovered Indie and self published books, I found so many in my favourite genres that I don't have time to spend on lesser genres!

  3. Great discussion. I really am no good with audiobooks. I think I'm too ADHD when it comes to them and if I'm not focusing on an actual book, I lose attention. I tried an audiobook of a Stephen King short story and even it couldn't keep my attention. I tried listening to it when I went to bed but fell asleep.

    I don't really read strictly romance book. There has to be a heavy paranormal, urban fantasy or dog element in them to interest me. Some contemporaries are okay, but they're not my favorite genre. I don't really read westerns either but will read some books that have western elements. Strictly westerns - no way.

    1. I find it hard to sit still during the day to listen as well! And if I do try one at night, yep I fall asleep. It's a bit annoying! I would like to get a few more of my favourite books on audio cd but the cost is pretty high. Westerns on TV don't interest me at all so I guess that explains my lack of interest in the books!

  4. Erotica is an absolute no for me. I tend to stay away from romance too. I dislike graphic sex scenes so much because I feel like they are unnecessary a lot of times and take too much away from the imagination. I only occasionally grab for contemporary.

    1. I'm not a fan of graphic sex scenes at all. I tend to just flip past them so if there are a lot, I end up skipping big chunks of the book!

  5. Not a big fan of love triangles either. I love thrillers, especially lately, for the suspense but I'm not into the procedural, this-is-how-you-investigate-a crime books either. And I agree, I love the escapism of other worlds. I wish I had a rec for something like Game of Thrones, but to be honest I don't. Most of the other recent fantasy I've tried (and I grew up reading it) is flashier with the magic or gods are walking the earth or stuff like that, and I'm out.

    I do like good sci-fi but I'm pretty picky about it? And steampunk works for me occasionally, but not very often.

    1. I tend to avoid these genres unless I see a blurb that sounds really good but that is pretty rare. I am picky about plot, scanning for any tropes that I hate or even a hint of them!

  6. I don't read erotica or manga either. I like a book that has some plot and well-crafted characters. I also don't read political books or spy thrillers. Or books set in ancient Rome! :D

    1. I'm very picky on historical fiction! I tend to stick to Tudor periods, or events that interested me. I never read books set in France...not because I have something against France but just because they tend to use a lot of French words without telling you what it means! A few European based books do this.

  7. I agree with a couple of them. I never really read contemporary books, apart from when I was a kid/young teenager. I don't know - I just think reading about normal people's average lives is boring :D I need some magic, paranormal stuff, natural disasters, zombies or mysteries. Same with pure romance. I also don't care much for historical fiction and YA or Erotica.
    I enjoy thrillers, but only if they are by Scandinavian authors. They have this nice dark, icy flavour that I enjoy.

    1. Like you. I want to delve into a new world most of the time rather than read about people struggling in normal life. Yes to zombies! I have lots of them to get through! Hopefully I'll get a few done next month...

  8. Insta love and triangle can drive me crazy. It's, for the most part, unrealistic. I do read most age groups and genres. Some way more than others, as I'm sure you know. LOL Great post!

  9. I have a pretty eclectic tast in books. I do avoid erotic books just because I don't enjoy them. I have really read graphic novels either but I am not opposed to them either. I also don't enjoy most classics or poetry. Great topic!