Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The Book Cave Feedback Request!


I'm taking a mid year look at what is on the blog and what I can do to improve things. What I'm looking to do is find out which features you like in my regular posts and which posts you don't generally look at for whatever reasons. I'd appreciate it if you could give your opinions on the questions below, in the comments section. Thanks!

1) Book Reviews 
-How many book reviews do you prefer to see in a week on a blog?
-Would you prefer to see a different genre on each review posted in a week? 
  ie one apocalypse, one UF, one horror?
-Do you prefer full series reviews spaced out over weeks or one after the other?
-Favourite genre being reviewed on this blog?

2) Chuckles Chat
Which kind of topics do you prefer for these posts? Which would you comment on or avoid? Do you have any topic suggestions you would like to see featured? 

3) What are your favourite posts on the blog?

4) Which posts don't you usually look at? (you can say why if you want!)

5) Anything you'd like to see more of each week?

6) What do you like on other blogs that you don't see at the Book Cave? 


  1. ok YOU asked for feedback! so DON'T get mad at me and tell me "it's my blog I do what I want" [winks] :) So this is gonna be ALL ABOUT ME and what I want! [winks again]

    So my issue is I want to comment in EVERY SINGLE one of your posts ! and I CAN'T keep up :( because you post a lot :) which is GREAT because I LOVE your posts and I have a lot more to read but makes me feel I'm falling short as a blogger friend :) BUT I know you do it because you love it so I feel bad asking for this but maybe a post every other day so I can keep up with it? Told you it was gonna be about ME ;-)

    I rather see series one after the other because my memory sucks :)

    I love your discussion posts. Those are my favorite even when I totally disagree wit which only happened once ;-)

    You know what posts I don't look at the ones with the Zs!!! omg I don't like Zs AT ALL :)

    I like your blog the way it is so I can't think of any feature I miss from other blogs. I like blogs to be all different :)

    1. I promise not to yell at you! You don't fall short as a blogging friend, I can tell you that! I'm well aware that there are lots of posts and blogs out there and that everyone has limited time to visit so I never expect friends to comment ion everything. I'm happy for you to visit when you can! Sadly I can't help you with this by cutting back on the posts! With my review backlog and the number of regular posts I have, it needs to stay at two a day I'm afraid. But I might be able to throw in a zombie review at least once a week to give the blog something you don't need to comment on! Thank you loads for your honest views, I very much appreciate them!

  2. Ok, I pretty much love your blog but I'll try to help. I like anywhere from 3-5 reviews on a blog a week. I usually try to post 2, sometimes 3, but you read a lot more than me so it's a no-brainer that you would have more. I read all of the reviews even if I don't comment on them because I usually have more to say on some of your other posts. I like variety mixed up but that's how I read. It's cool how you do monthly themes and since that works for you, I think it's fine.

    Of course you know I love your Game of Thrones features. It's fun to have someone to chat with and I REALLY love how your doing the current season episode by episode. I am STILL waiting for The Walking Dead posts though:)

    I'm liking how you are now doing some TTT and Can't Wait Wednesday memes as it's always fun to discover more about you and find new books. I also love your cover love posts!

    Guess I may not have been much of a help :)

    1. Actually 3-5 reviews a week suits me as well as I'm so slow at writing the things! It's one thing I need to work on. I think I'm going to scrap writing the reviews in the order I read them in and just pick a few of different genres I've read between May and July and post them. It gives the visitors more variety and it might encourage me to write them!

      On the Walking Dead, I kind of stalled at the end of season three as I didn't like a few aspects of it ie Rick going a bit mad, Andrea's love life. I haven't got back to watching it yet. I need to watch more tv or films and maybe do one post a week again on what I'm watching. I'm so obsessed with GoT I'm not watching anything else!

      Actually, you were a big help! You confirmed the number of book reviews I do in a week is an ok number so I've stopped fretting about getting more done. I'll aim for 3 or 4 a week but stress less if I don't get them done.

  3. I always like to see your monster reviews, but also the zombie ones because even though I don't read a lot of zombie fiction I sometimes do, and I get a super long list of recommendations from your blog! I like pretty much all the genres you review, there's always something interesting to find here.

    I don't know if I have favorite posts, I read most of what you post but I do like Cover Love posts, the chat posts and (of course) your GoT posts. Big surprise there! And the post apoc reviews.

    1. Thanks Greg! I'm pleased that the posts I enjoy most like Cover Love, Game of Thrones and Chuckles Chat seem to be well liked. I like visiting posts that I can talk to other bloggers about so it's fun to host them. Oh and I have YEARS of GoT stuff planned! I appreciate your imput which was very helpful!

  4. I don't really mind about reviews. I read them whenever I think a book sounds interesting, and that is totally random sometimes.

    My favourite topics you do are currently your around the blogs posts, game of thrones reviews, sampling, TTT and summary posts of all kinds (TBR, new books, read this month, challenges..). I do like your Chats as well! It really depends on the topic with me, but I think the majority of the ones you did I read & liked.

    I am not into political discussions very much, just because they make me sad haha.

    I read your blog, because you 1. post often and have a good & neat schedule going 2. read cool post-apocalyptic books 3. always try new things 4. reply to comments regularly

    You put lots of effort into your blog & posts and are very social. You are not only concerned with what's going on at your blog but are genuinely interested in others as well.

    You can notice after a while which blogs are only there to get big numbers, followers & free copies and yours is definitely not one of them.

    1. Yeah I think I'll steer clear of the more depressing posts in the future. I think people want to escape a lot of politics and terrorism and enjoy book related posts instead. I'm happy with the weekly posts I do so it's really helpful to find out that you guys enjoy them too. I plan to keep all of them except the Feed My TBR which is kind of tedious to write!

      I had to smile at you saying I was very social. I am on the blog but boy do I love avoiding people in real life! *grins* And what you said about my blog not being about getting big numbers and followers and free stuff is one of nicest things anyone has said about my blog and I'm really touched!

  5. Just wanted to stop by and say keep up the good work and continue with the great job you're doing. To answer your questions, I generally prefer reading reviews over discussion or memes, but really, I have no problems with whatever mix a blogger decides. I enjoy the variety you have now!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. Thanks Mogsy! I very much appreciate your imput! I need to find a better way to get a decent amount of reviews up on my blog. My current system isn't working...!

  6. I probably won't be much help to you. I come over whenever I have the time, no matter what you post. When I do, I enjoy whatever you are sharing, so keep up the good work.
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. Thanks Sherry! Every visit is very much appreciated as is your feedback!

  7. I love your blog as it is. There is always something new for me to read and there is always something interesting for me to comment on. I admit that I can't always keep up with you but I do what I can :) Keep on doing what you love and we will all keep coming back.

    1. Thanks Bark, I appreciate it! I'm happy that everyone seems to like the posts that I enjoy doing the most so that's a good thing!