Friday, 14 July 2017

Book Review: Well You Did Ask by Michael Ashcroft

My Review:
This Brexit book focuses on the voters-why they voted the way they did, their influences and what they think is happening in the world. It focuses on the UK voters of course but also looks at focus groups in other European countries to see what they think about the same issues that Brits were voting on. It was quite eye opening.

Voters in Bulgaria had concerns that free movement meant the young people would all leave for other countries with better jobs while others welcomed this as the young sent their wages back to their relatives. "When the elderly die we will be lost as a nation" one voter complained. In Poland voters complained about their taxes funding University courses and the graduating students taking their skills abroad. Croatia, Latvia and Lithuania thought too many of their people were going to other countries. Sweden worried about too many migrants coming in, Germans worried about the same and their lack of integration into German society.

Denmark, Sweden and Germany felt they were taking too many while others took very little. Well Germany, blame your leader for saying anyone who wanted to live in Germany would be welcome! Greeks and French were viewed by other voters as cheating on EU rules. Some of this was pretty interesting to read about. My favourite bit was when a British voter was asked what he thought of Boris Johnson and the Hitler issue in the media and the worried voter replied 'he didn't do one of those salutes did he?' I had to laugh at that.

What let down the book a bit for me is the amount of graphics to show the results of the polls-I just felt it was all too small to read and the layout was confusing. I didn't get at a glance what each graphic was trying to say and I started to skip them. It was a little too technical for me personally, but still an interesting read.

Read May 2017.
3 stars.


  1. I do find European politics kinda interesting especially as compared to what's happening here, so this does look interesting!

    1. It was interesting but the maths were overwhelming at times on the graphics!