Tuesday, 18 July 2017

New-To-Me July Challenge-Mid Month Update!

I can't believe it is this far into the year already but it's time for an update on how my New-To-Me author reading month is going! I will be looking mainly at new-to-me authors that I haven't read before.

Kermit looks like he's going to cry but actually I'm happy enough with progress so far. 11/31 read and 4/31 DNFed. So I've dealt with 15/31 by the halfway part of the month. Not bad! 16 left to tackle and hopefully I'll get to all of them...Next up are The Immortals, Six of Crows and The Shadowkiller in no special order!


1) Matthew Reilly-Great Zoo of China
2) Patrick Sheane Duncan-Dracula vs Hitler
3) Ryan Graudin-Wolf By Wolf
4) KT Tomb-Dinosaur Island (1 star)
5) MV Stott-Underground Magic (4 star)
6) JA Cipriano-Wardbreaker (3 star)
7) David Bussell-Deathday (3.5 star)
8) Leigh Bardugo-Six of Crows
9) Steve Alten-Meg (3.5 star)
10) Melinda Braun-Stranded (3.5 star)
11) Elizabeth Briggs-Future Shock
12) Jordanna Max Brodsky-The Immortals
13) John Ringo-Under A Graveyard Sky
14) Ann Charles-Dance of the Winnebagos (DNF)
15) Ann Charles-Nearly Departed in Deadwood (DNF)
16) Nicholas Erik-Paradise
17) Mira Gibson-Daddy Soda
18) Renee George-Pit Perfect (3.5 star)
19) Ken Greenhall-Hellhound (2 star)
20) Cynthia Hand-My Lady Jane
21) Saul Tanpepper-Golgotha (2.5 star)
22) Erin Hayes-Damned If I Do
23) Amy Hopkins-Dream Stalker
24) RL King-Stone and a Hard Place
25) Orlando A Sanchez-Tombyards & Butterflies
26) HJ Lawson-New Order (DNF)
27) HD Lynn-The Corner Store Witch (DNF)
28) William R Forstchen-Day of Wrath (5 star)
29) SD Perry Resident Evil: The Umbrella Conspiracy (3 star)
30) Simone Pond-Hidden Sight
31) Matthew Scott Hansen-The Shadowkiller


32) Nicholas Sansbury Smith-Hell Divers
33) MJ Kraus-Death Magic
34) Sonya Bateman-The Cursing Stones 


  1. Looks like you're doing great. I remember reading The Corner Store Witch. Still waiting to see what you think of Dracula vs Hitler before I pick it up. Good luck the rest of the month.

    1. Due to rewatching Game of Thrones last week and being really tired the last few days I won't get to all of these books sadly! I might just carry them over into next month though.

  2. I hope you get a chance to read Wolf by Wolf -- that is just amazing!

    1. I really like the sound of it so I definitely need to get it done!

  3. I know! This year is flying by. Whoever is on the fast forward button needs to back away. lol. Not bad for the list. :)

    1. It certainly is going fast and no progress on my tbr! Still, half the year still to go!

  4. I'll be curious of what you think about both Immortals and Six of crows! And great job so far! I wish I was this disciplined with challenges lol. Which is why I don't do very many. :)

    I'm still mulling over great Zoo...

    1. I've been a bit lax with the reading this week! I still hope to look at the three books before the weekend if I get motivated tonight!