Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Norse Mythology Book Tag

This tag was created by Kyera at and I saw it on the blog.  Why not join in?!!

***warning*** plot spoilers for character deaths in Harry Potter and The Book Thief in Qu 11. In Qu 3 there are plot spoilers for Game of Thrones season 3.

1) Odin-Favourite Stand Alone 
Leader of the Norse Gods, God of Wisdom, Poetry, Battle, Death, Wine War 
I don't know where to start! The zombie book The Return Man was a good one.

2) Thor-A Book That Hits You In The Feels
God of Thunder, Weather, Warriors, Strength, Storms 
I did have a bit of panic worrying about Woof the beagle who was forever in danger in this horror thriller.

3) Biggest Book Plot Twist or Character Betrayal
God of Mischief, Thieves and thrives on Chaos 
*spoilers* The whole story of Snape in Harry Potter has so many plot twists that I had to mention it. Lots of twists in A Song of Ice and Fire too! The Red Wedding, Tyrion killing his father..

4) Frigg-One True Pairing
Odin's Wife, Goddess of Love, Marriage, Fertility, Fate 
It's a toss up between Mercy & Adam or Warren and Kyle, Anna & Charles or Cat & Bones! 

5) Heimdall-Favourite Second Book In A Series 
God of Loyalty, Faithfulness and protects bi-frost bridge connecting the Nine Worlds 
I totally love Living Dead in Dallas from the Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire series! 

6) Baldur-Favourite Male Character
Beloved Son of Odin & Frigg, twin brother of Hodor 
There are just so many! I'm going with Fitz, hero of Extinction Horizon series who lost his legs in Afghanistan and now fights variant zombie creatures. I also have to go with the brilliant Deacon Chalk in the James R Tuck books...and Warren the gay werewolf in Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson books.

7) Sif-Most Beautiful Book Cover
Thor's Wife, Goddess of Hervest, known for her beautiful hair  
It has to be a recent boxset release of Harry Potter. The covers are beautiful and I could look at them all day!

8) Frey-Book/Series That Makes You Happy
Brother of Freya, Lord of Weather, God of Light, Summer, Agriculture, Fertility 
Well it just has to be Harry Potter hasn't it! This is my favourite comfort read to cheer me up when I'm sad or to help me out a reading slump. I have the original children's cover hardback and paperback sets, the Stephen Fry audio cd set, part of the US paperback and part of the adult UK hardcover set PLUS the paperback and hardback sets of these amazing recent covers! 

9) Freya-Favourite Book Setting
Goddess of Love, Beauty, Fertility, War, Wealth, Growth 
If I was choosing which world to live in it would be the Harry Potter magical world so I can do spells, go to Hogwarts and shop in Diagon Alley! However Westeros does fascinate me with all the amazing places GRRM has created. I'd love to see Dragonstone, The Eyrie and Dorne! I'd live at Winterfell and have my own dire wolf (I LOVE winter!!!) and maybe cuddle up to Jon Snow at night...I'd love to see this world. 

10) Tyr-Favourite Book With A Big Upheaval/Epic Fight Scene
God of War 
Has to be Michael Stephen Fuchs Arisen book 5 'Exodus' where tens of thousands of zombies attack the USS John F Kennedy while it is helpless on a sandbar with special forces trying to parachute onto the ship! I've never been so excited by a battle scene!

11) Uller-Character Death That Affected You The Most
God of Death, Winter, Archery, Hunting 
Dobby. I'll never forgive JK Rowling for that! I sob when I read the book or watch the film! The death of Hans at the end of The Book Thief comes a close second. And something from Monster Haven that I won't talk about in book three!

12) Favourite Book With An Epic Journey On Water/Ocean
God of Wind and Sea 
I don't recall a book that fits this category.

13) Valkyrie-Favourite Strong Female Character 
Valkyries are Strong Female Warriors 
I read a lot of books with strong women! I'm going to pick three that are strong in different ways. Arya Stark is just a young girl in GRRM's series but she is smart, brave and able to take care of herself. I love her journey in the Game of Thrones tv series. Katniss Everdean is a brave and tough young woman in The Hunger Games and I loved her. Hermione Granger is intelligent, brave and always has a plan. I like seeing someone with brains taking a leading role.

14) Aesir/Vanir-Favourite Book Crew
Two groups of Norse Gods, Old Gods and New Gods 
The gang from RL Naquin's Monster Haven series. Maurice the Closet Monster who cleans and bakes when stressed, Iris the male Skunk Ape, the brownies, djinn, reapers, fairies, pooka...they are such a great group of characters! Also loved Deacon Chalk's team in the James R Tuck books and the Pack from the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs.

15) Seipyrts-Favourite Sidekick (non human)
Odin's Eight Legged Horse 
Oberon, the poodle & sausage loving hound from Kevin Hearn'e Iron Druid series! Also Maurice the Closet Monster from Monster Haven deserves a mention.

Want to take part? I tag YOU! Let me know in the comments if you've done the post so I don't miss your answers! Or if you want to, answer in the comments below!


  1. I may have to do this. It's so unique. It would be a hard toss-up between Mercy & Adam and Cat & Bones. Those Harry Potter books really are gorgeous. I like the new hardbacks I've seen in the colors of the houses too. The edges of the pages are striped. Doby! My heart breaks thinking about him. I remember wanting a Doby of my own for AGES after I read about him. Great tag!

    1. I could use Dobby's help around the house for sure! This morning was all about washing clothes in the machine, handwashing the delicate stuff, ironing the last load and preparing the meat for dinner to marinade. I'm knackered! I was tempted by that anniversary hardback set but appeased myself with the four house paperback sets instead. I love the coloured pages!

  2. yup I agree Snape was an incredible unexpected twist along with Dumbledore's death. I think I actually teared up when that happened. GoT is ALL a big wondrous compendium of twits LOVE IT SO MUCH :) and.. there they are Brigg's books again!!! I SHOULD READ HER DAMN BOOKS! :) :) fun tag! tanks for sharing it. :)

    1. I was sobbing in the cinema as Snape was just so moving! I blubber at anything though! Some of the tv twists for GoT were downright shocking like poor Shireen and the true story of Hodor. *sniffles*

  3. I'm with Dragonfly. I have got to read Brigg's books! I even have a couple. Such a fun post and excellent books. I'm tempted to try this.

    1. Patricia Briggs is a great storyteller. What I loved about the two werewolf series is that although they are set in the same world with a bit of crossover, they are totally different. I'm a bigger fan of Mercy but I love both.

  4. Ooh a tag where I get to learn about some books and learn about Norse mythology! I don't think I realized you like Harry Potter so much, but I agree, those covers are absolutely gorgeous, and it would be a really cool world to live in. And I know I have monster in my closet on my TBR because of you.

    1. Harry Potter was my first real obsession since the days of Buffy on tv when I bought all the merchandise. I've got lots of Harry stuff in the house. Game of Thrones has become a similar obsession recently! I have a ton of stuff on that!

  5. This is totally awesome- love Norse mythology. Definitely some great choices there for betrayals! And I'd love to see the Eyrie and Dragonstone.

    I liked Warren too even though I've only read the first Mercy.

    1. There were too many options for betrayals but somehow GoT was in my mind. Can't imagine why...! I'd just love to visit all those places in Westeros with a character as a tour guide. Tyrion showing me around King's Landing would be fun!

  6. What a great post. I loved reading everyone's comments.
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. I do enjoy taking part in and visiting other people's book tags.