Sunday, 30 July 2017

Chuckles Goes Sampling #3

Seeing Kermit surrounded and almost buried in leaves kind of reminds me of my relationship with books. I'm pretty much buried in them too! I have no more space in my house for the books I buy and piles are sitting on the floor which isn't good and I can't read them quick enough because I keep buying!!! I've battled to reduce the tbr without success this year but now Kermit and I are embarking on a new plan to reduce the book buying and give me a chance to reduce the tbr at last. The Plan? Download samples instead of buying!

This is what I looked at last week:

1) Jon Hollins-The Dragon Lords: Fools Gold 
Will's farm is on the brink of financial ruin after having to pay crippling taxes. When soldiers arrive claiming he hasn't paid them, they are going to take away his farm and jail him so Will fights back and escapes to the forest as the barn burns. Taking refuge in a cave he is faced with unhappy creatures. The next chapter goes on to introducing different characters.

I felt in the first chapter that the author was trying too hard to make it funny and maybe, like the Discworld books, others would find it amusing but I didn't really. The only character I felt had real depth was Bessie the grumpy pig! It just felt kind of bland to me and I didn't find myself greatly interested in reading chapter two. Just wasn't my thing and I felt that it was probably going to be slow getting to the point with it having 516 pages.

2) Jae Vogel-Demon Hero 
Vee is a fae in hiding, working in a bar where humans her badly and talk about what they want to do to fae women. Talon is a regular customer and a fae so he outs Vee to the angry men to provoke a confrontation. It leads to police being called and her boss Sol being dragged into it trying to defend her while Talon and his friends put them all in danger. Vee then flees with her fae companions and abandons Sol. After escaping helicopters and hunters they stop in a place with sex workers where Onyx causes trouble and brings the police. This was where I stopped reading.

Frankly, I really didn't like this. Talon is a manipulative piece of filth who decides to destroy Vee's life and endangers Sol just because he feels it is time to fight back against the humans and use Vee as poster girl for the rebellion. I cannot stand him and I have no idea why he is our so called hero. I don't like Onyx much either. The only one I liked was Sol and he was left behind like a piece of rubbish. It's this kind of characterisation for the Fae that makes me dislike reading about them. I won't read on.  

3) TS Paul-Born A Witch
Aggy's grandmother Marcella and Aunt Camilla, both witches, argue about her while she spies on them. Camilla is angry that she misuses magic, attracting humans after turning all the squirrels purple, damaging a unicorn and causing Aggy's mother to collapse. Marcella counters by saying they had to homeschool Aggy because Camilla ensured she was blacklisted from all magical schools. That was the whole sample.

To be honest, there wasn't much of interest in this sample to make me want to read on. There is nothing wrong with the writing and the squirrel story amused me but it wasn't enough to take a chance on buying it. 

4) Brad Magnarella-Demon Moon  
Everson Croft is a Professor by day who gets rid of all the nasty things that amateurs conjure in New York. His family are from a long line of demon hunters and he spends his nights stopping creatures from Deep Down. Now he's on the trail of another conjurer but when he finds the man, he has summoned something demonic which is on the loose. After dealing with it, his strength is low, allowing the demon attached to him to take over. I wonder if we find out what happened when he partied that night with the punk band...!!!

This sample had action, had the amusing scene where he wakes up after the party, the myths in his college class and most important, I like the hapless Everson as a character. He is amusing and a demon fighter, and there was more than enough in the sample to make me want to read on with the book.

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