Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Books for those who love Dystopia!

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This week's topic was to do with checking in on book characters after a series ends and it;s not really something that interests me so I'm doing my own top ten on best dystopia books instead. 

1) Suzanne Collins-The Hunger Games
No surprises that I've had to include one of the nest dystopian series I've read. As well as tension and action, the characters had depth, the book had real emotion and plot development. I so much want to reread this right now but I have too many others to get to! 

2) David Estes-The Moon Dwellers
This was the first dystopian book since the Hunger Games that I got really excited over. Great characters, humour, action, evil governments and a dangerous mission. What more can you ask for  in a book!

3) Joelle Charbonneau-The Testing
This is the best dystopian book I've read in the last year. The first half are tests designed to weed out the weak and the second part is a Hunger Games style survival race. I was hooked from start to finish and I can't wait to read the rest of the trilogy! 

4) John Marsden-Tomorrow when the war began
I loved the first two books in the series and hope to catch up on it soon. A group of Australian teens are camping when their town is taken prisoner by invading forces, and decide to fight back. Lots of action and real tension. Loved it!  

5) RJ Crayton-Life First
Kelsey goes on the run rather than be forced to give a kidney to a stranger-but that is only the start of her problems. I got this series as read and review from the author. It is full of action, tension and has so many exciting twists. Very enjoyable series.

6) DelSheree Gladden-Inquest
I got this as a read and review. Everyone gets tested to find their right place in society but Libby is revealed to be the possible destroyer of their world and now everyone wants her dead, even her family. It was an exciting YA dystopian novel and I look forward to reading the trilogy.

7) Abi Ketner/Missy Kalicicki-Branded
This was a read and review. It is a brutal grim prison system into which the innocent Lexi has been thrown. A bodyguard tries to keep her safe from murderers and rapists as she uncovers the conspiracy that had her locked up. 

8) Jason Rowe/Brian Palmer-Genesis 
This was a read and review with ordinary people becoming trained X Men style warriors to battle enemies and save the world. Great characters, engaging story and exciting action sequences to keep you interested right through. No sign of the rest of the series yet though.

9) Melanie Karsak-The Harvesting 
This book had everything-zombies, paranormal creatures, a bit of romance, horror, tension, death and disaster.  It was well written and I liked the characters. I'm looking forward to the release of book 2 now!

10) Shannon Mayer-Sundered 
I picked this up free and really enjoyed it. It's not just a 'zombie' book. It has real emotion, great characters, tension, and realism, instead of gore. I just recently picked up the whole trilogy in paperback so I hope to read it soon.


  1. I would love to see how the characters got on from The Hunger Games! :-) It would be interesting. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. I really want to reread The Hunger Games but too many other books need my attention first!

  2. I have always heard such good things about The Moon Dwellers. I wasn't too keen on this week's topic either but managed to do a Top 6.

    1. I loved The Moon Dwellers! I hope to read the rest of the books this summer!

  3. Hmm. A few of these I haven't heard of. I'm going to have to look into them. :)

    1. I'm a bit miffed that Genesis seems to have been abandoned by the authors. I got a message back this morning from one of the co-authors saying the series had been shelved indefinitely. Grrr. I HATE it when Indie authors do that!

  4. I don't read much dystopia so I don't know these peeps. They sound fab though!

    1. I do love a good apocalypse of grim future book!