Monday, 27 April 2015

Reading with Chuckles #35

Welcome to Reading with Chuckles! This is where I fill you in on what I'm reading each week-what it is, where I got it or heard about it, what I think of it, if I'm continuing with it or abandoning it and any special offers I'm aware of where you can try the book yourself. Comments are welcome but no spoilers please! It's not fair to other readers!

This was a better reading week as I managed to read four whole novels! Yea! It was good to finally get up to my normal speed of reading again. Hopefully that will continue. So what did I read? I enjoyed another Tudor novel 'Brief Gaudy Hour' a novel of Anne Boleyn, and it was one of the best portayals I've read of her. I hope to get that review up this week. I moved on them to a review book that I was sent by the author. I really enjoyed 'The Sower Comes' and if you like YA fantasy, then give the Solas Beir series a try! Next up was 'Clickers' a horror tale of giant crab scorpions attacking a beach community and I liked this one too. I finished off by rereading a book I last read when I was about 13-the first of the Sue Barton nursing novels. It was still fun to read. So a pretty good week for books!


  1. A student nurse novel sounds interesting. Will you review that? My mom is a nurse (an RN) and I'd like to see if it would be worth recommending to her!

    1. Yes I hope to review that today. The book is set at a hospital in 1930's Britain and there are about 6 sequels which I'm also planning to read and review. I liked the first book and will be starting the second one this week.