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Book Review: The Sower Comes by Melissa Eskue Ousley (Solas Beir #3)

As the new king of a world in turmoil, life for David Corbin is grim, at best.

Abby Brown, the love of his life, has vanished without a trace, and David fears the worst: that she was brutally murdered by the Daughters of Mercy, vicious creatures employed by Tynan Tierney, an evil lord vying for the throne. One of David’s best friends, Jon, has been captured by the Kruorumbrae, Tierney’s army of bogeymen, and David has no idea if he’s still alive, or how to rescue him. The powerful Eastern Oracle has pledged loyalty to Tierney’s cause, and all communication with David and the other three Oracles has ceased. Cai Terenmare is on the brink of war. And, to make matters worse, a new evil has arisen, the mysterious Sower, a monster puppeteered by Tierney himself.

On the bright side, David has his treacherous aunt locked up in his dungeon. Lucia’s not happy that her ex, Tierney, tried to kill her, and she owes David for saving her life. Lucia may have critical information about Tierney’s plans for the Sower, but after all the trouble she’s caused, can David ever trust her again?

My Review:
The book opens quickly and with a bang, showing what is happening to our heroes. David is grieving for Abby but has to focus on healing Lucia and trying to get answers from her, unsure if she can be trusted. Lucia is thinking about how trusting and loving Tierney almost led to her death and now she faces a trial which will probably end in her execution. Abby is stranded in the Wasteland and must find a way home to warn David what she has discovered about The Sower thanks to the spirit of his dead father. Jon and new cellmate Hedeon must find a way out of their prison when the city of the Eastern Oracle is about to fall. And The Sower begins to infect people with a deadly plague which leaves them as mindless feral puppets to their master.

There is a lot to like in this book! Going back to join characters that you know and love is always good and these characters are still developing. David is discovering a sense of purpose and beginning to find his feet as Solas Beir. He is connecting with his people and showing them that he can lead. It is Abby who is having a crisis, unsure if she can be his Queen and be a good example to her people, scared of being seduced to the dark side like Lucia. It was great to catch up with Cael and Eulalia as they prepare for their wedding and I loved seeing Fergal, Gorman and Brarn! It was a little disappointing not to see the Buchans and Nysa though.

The most interesting character in this book for me is Lucia. In this book we really get to understand why she turned to Tierney and killed Ardal. Lucia was expecting to be Queen but Ardal didn't like that she thought humans were expendable and this was enough to make him look to her younger sister Eulalia, as she had more empathy. Humiliated, Lucia then discovers Ardal's nasty secret and begins on the road to murder and betrayal. Ardal did something bad to try to protect his family and Kingdom and pays for it with his life, while Lucia betrays the Kingdom in an attempt to save David. Ardal and Lucia tell their story to Abby and David respectively, and I could feel sympathy for both characters, acting out of misguided love. Developing an emotional tie to Ardal and Lucia in just a few pages, sharing their tragic story so poignantly was a masterstroke by the author.

The other thing about this book that excited me was the Plague. Who doesn't love a good Plague to spread fear through the Kingdom and through the reader as we worry about our favourite characters? The Sower is spreading this disease and the slightest contact can turn you, causing panic everywhere. As the wedding draws nearer, tension is rising and bodies are being found nearby, sending Abby and Fergal into real fear. The tension at the wedding was humming through my ereader and right up my fingers as I scanned the guests looking for signs of trouble! This was a very exciting part of the book.

This book has everything that fans of the series wanted. There was action, romance, fight scenes, tension, humour and redemption. There were scenes to make you smile, scenes to make you hold your breath and scenes where you were willing things to go the way you wanted. It was not slow in any way, keeping a fast pace and giving you enough back story to add to the plot without burying you in things you don't need to hear. The story was always moving, delivered through action scenes and emotional character interaction which was beautifully written. Overall, it was an excellent piece of writing and a fitting end to the series.

I am not a fan of fantasy, especially YA fantasy but I was intrigued by the cover of the first book 'Sign of the Throne' and its blurb so I said yes to the chance to read and review a copy from the author. I have never regretted the decision to read it and I'm grateful to Melissa for providing me with advanced copies of the entire trilogy. I have already bought the first two paperbacks and look forward to grabbing this one on release day!

If you like YA fantasy or paranormal romance or even a bit of urban fantasy, then give this series a try.

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  1. It is always interesting when you can find that book that changes your perception of a genre!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. I don't plan to venture back into YA fantasy though! I was finding 1 good book for every 40 I tried and that was too bad a ratio! This series was the exception to the rule and book one is urban fantasy to start with. So by the time we hit real fantasy I was already hooked!

  2. Wow, a lot going on in this one. Happy it was good.

    1. It was a good series with characters that you actually care about. I recommend everyone to read Sign of the throne, the first book.