Thursday, 2 April 2015

Chuckles Little Treats!

You know how it is, you've had a really crap week and all you want to do is make yourself feel a bit better by giving yourself a little treat. Maybe it was a wishlist book, a game to play on your console, clothes, dvd or something a bit quirky or expensive. Welcome to Chuckles Little Treats where I plan to tell you about the non book treats that I've received from someone or treated myself to. Have you received something good this week too?

Ok I've been lazing in front of the TV this last week or so and took in a few classic films that I haven't watched in years and forgot how much I enjoyed them! Yes I've got a bit of an Al Pacino theme going this week as I bought the beautiful digitally restored boxset dvd of The Godfather trilogy, and the dvd of Scarface. The Godfather is just classic and shows Al Pacino at his very best. I love watching his character harden as the film progresses and the ruthlessness in him in the second film is well matched by his grief and humanity in the third as he seeks redemption. In Scarface, his psychotic, manic portrayal of Tony Montana is awesome and seriously, doesn't he look HOT???

*wipes sweating brow* So of course I decided to treat myself to a couple of other related items just for fun! First we have the very cool Godfather hoodie, and a Tony Montana bobblehead! OK say it with me, you know you want to...'say hello to my little friend!'

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