Thursday, 9 April 2015

Book Review: Mr Hands by Gary Braunbeck

The doll is odd, carved out of wood, with long arms and huge hands. Little Sarah named it Mr. Hands and loved the doll until the day she was murdered. Now her mother, Lucy, discovers something amazing about Sarah’s doll—it allows her to control another Mr. Hands. This Mr. Hands is a living, terrifying being with horrendous power. At Lucy’s command he will do whatever she tells him—even kill. This is Lucy’s chance to see justice is done. She decides who will live and who will suffer a horrible death, and Mr. Hands carries out the sentences without mercy. But once Mr. Hands is unleashed, will anyone be able to stop him?

My Review:
The first thing that attracted me to this book was it's very creepy and cool cover, and the name 'Mr Hands'. It just sounded so good and the blurb was intriguing and exciting! Sadly this book turned out to be a case of don't judge a book by its cover.

I expected this to be a novel where this creepy creature Mr Hands goes around torturing and killing people in a Nightmare on Elm Street type way. Jeez was I ever let down! In the prologue we get a couple of people under threat from Mr Hands. Then we jump to chapter one and it all goes downhill from there. A man in a pub starts telling a story which is meant to be about his dealings with Mr Hands but instead we get a rambling story about the mentally challenged Ronnie, a human with a power of death who uses it to kill bad people or end the suffering of good people. We see Ronnie helping a woman miscarry a baby that could ruin her life, his miserable home life, ending up in the social care system, hunting a child abuser who attacks a few of his friends, communicating with all the dead souls he helped, his big mistake...and go to the woman who miscarried to see her story. Her upbringing in a small town, her first date getting her pregnant and shaming her family, the miscarrying event, her life after that, the fate of the one who got her pregnant, her plans for the future...

WHERE IS MR HANDS??? For 116 pages we get a back and forth between Ronnie and Lucy and their lives and I was so bored it was unreal. What did any of this have to do with the creepy Mr Hands? By the time Lucy was talking about her new husband and second baby, I was wondering if the demon was ever going to show and I got tired of waiting for him. This book was dull, bland and lacking the story that I bought it for. A huge big fat let down!

According to other reviews, we don't get to see Mr Hands until the last third of the book. So why is this marketed as Mr Hands and a revenge story when none of that happens until the book is nearly ending? I hate being deliberatly misled and won't be reading anything else by this author. I feel cheated!!!
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  1. 116 pages without an appearance by Mr. Hands? I think I would have given up long before then - nothing worse than when a book pulls the old bait-and-switch, promising one story and then sneaking in another.

    1. I gave up at 116 pages but it was 168 pages before he appears and the book is only 269 pages. GRRR!