Sunday, 12 April 2015

Book Review: Dear Heart, How Like You This? by Wendy J Dunn

May, 1536. The poet Sir Thomas Wyatt, released from imprisonment in the Tower of London, is in his fathers custody. From almost the beginning of his life, Tom has loved his cousin Anne Boleyn, content to sit at her feet while she sang her love songs to another, if doing so gave him just a moment in her company. Now he is heartsick and despairing, having witnessed her juridical murder by Henry VIII. Only wanting to escape from the recent memories now rending his heart, Tom recounts his story, a story which narrates too the tragic tale of Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII.

My Review:
I found the writing style of this book so annoying that I couldn't get into the actual story.

It was written in that dramatic, overly enthusiastic 'hey I'm a poet!' kind of way, with exclaimations of love and adoration and shouts of 'Oh Anna!' every paragraph. It was somewhat nauseating as well as overly descriptive to the point of wondering what he was talking about. We can't do three likes without Wyatt reminding the reader that he loves her. Yes, I get the point, no need to hit me over the head with it twenty times per page! The author also has the annoying habit of switching between Anne and Anna whenever the urge occurs and for no obvious reason. It is really annoying when we have both names in one sentence. Why??? What does this add to the story? Surely in his private writings he would use one version all the time?

We get overdosed on the old fashioned language which I do not like in my Tudor novels. OK some may like it because it is an authentic representation of how they would talk or write, but I feel the story flows better when this is kept to a minimum. I was getting annoyed at the constant verily's and yea's that were all over the place and it made me grind my teeth.

There was also no real flow to the story. Wyatt is rambling on about his love for Anne, telling a story anout her being the love of his live at 2 years old, then he jumps ahead to them being parted, then he is talking about a story when she was 3. There was no order to it and it was full of inane declarations of undying love and how they were soulmates. Ugh. We get endless school lessons about Socrates and the Greek writings in endless details, with his love declared all through it of course. This was so tedious to read and I was getting very bored with it.

Dull, repetitive and yawn inducing!  
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