Friday, 10 April 2015

Book Review: Electric Storm by Stacey Brutger

Everything changed when Raven, a natural born conduit, accidentally walks in on a slave auction. She only wants a night out with her friends before her next case as a paranormal liaison with the police. Instead, she ends up in possession of a shifter and his guardian. When your touch can kill, living with two touchy-feely shifters is a disaster waiting to happen.

To make matters worse, a vicious killer is on the loose. As mutilated bodies turn up, she can't help fear that her new acquisitions are keeping secrets from her. The strain of keeping everyone alive, not to mention catching the killer, pushes her tenuous control of her gift and her emotions to their limits. If they hope to survive, they must work together as a pack or risk becoming hunted themselves.

My Review:
It was the beautiful cover that first attracted me to the book and the blurb was intriguing enough for me to buy it. Oh how I wish I had looked at a few reviews before making that decision!

Where to start...ok, our MC, Raven. She was once a captive in a lab that held and experimented on supernatural creatures. She has very strong powers in her that she tries to keep bottled up but finds it difficult to control. She is also a doormat. She lives with a group of other supernaturals who seem to totally despise her. They treat her like crud, talk nasty to her, demean and abuse her every chance she gets yet she just sits there and takes it without a word. Raven, grow a damn backbone and tell these obnoxious scumbags to take a hike! She was meant to be meeting people she called 'friends' that night and after the events at the slave auction, she wonders if they set her up and sent her there to get into trouble. These are friends? Honestly, Raven is just a pretty pathetic excuse for a supernatural. She whines and moans about how everyone treats her and does nothing about it.

She saves the supernaturals from the slave auction thing and there seems little gratitude from them. One has the personality of a plank of wood and the other is Mr Angry all the time, starting fights with Raven, who of course just lets them both walk all over her. She tells them to pick any room except hers to sleep in and guess what room they pick? Does she order them out? No she decides to let them get away with it and chase her out of the room. I hate spineless characters and she is a real doozy! Tell these guys you'll withdraw your protection and return them to the auction if they don't behave! She even lets them bully their way onto the crime scene to be close to her and even the cops just let them contaminate the crime scene!

And of course, it doesn't take her long to suddenly gain an Anita Blake style harem around her. This does not work for me. I bitch sometimes about the amount of lovers Anita got but she gained them gradually and there was a reason provided for each new man. Here, it was as if the author just decided it was time for sex and threw in some random guys. Raven also has none of the charm of Anita that makes you want to see what happens to her. If this was an attempt at copying Anita Blake, it came up well short.

Best part? The cover.
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