Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Book Review: Otherworld Nights by Kelley Armstrong

This short story collection includes one brand-new tale, one story previously available only at Kelley Armstrong's website, and re-prints some hard-to-find stories from various anthologies as well as the entire novella Hidden.

My Review:
If you love the wolves, you are going to love this anthology! There are four excellent wolfie adventures to enjoy here-Clay and Elena's honeymoon spoiled by a mutt, Reese is on the run from the Australian Pack, A christmas Pack break is interrupted by a child killer, and Elena goes to Russia to form an alliance as the new Pack Leader. PLUS we get stories about Adam, Cassandra, Hope and Cabals behaving badly...what more could you possibly want?!!!

Adam's mother Talia is at a loss to explain her son's medical condition and she is advised to see a demonologist called Robert Vasic.

This is how Adam's mother meets Robert, and she finally finds out what her ex-lover was and what Adam is. Interesting short story.

TWILIGHT: (#7.2)
The time approaches for Cassandra to make her annual kill but she is overcome with lethargy and an aversion to the taste of blood.

This gives good back story to the Cassandra that we see at the end of the series and it explains the choice that she makes then. I like her and Aaron-shame we never saw more of them.

STALKED: (#7.3)
Clay and Elena are on honeymoon when a mutt's scent is detected. Clay is determined that nothing is going to spoil the trip for Elena even if he needs to kill the intruder.

I loved this story! Clay and Elena are quite amusing in this story as they try to convince the other that they are having a great time when both are bored rigid! Both know a mutt is following them and it is funny to watch them try to hide it from each other! Amusing and tense, it is a great story.

Reese's mother was raped and made pregnant by a Pack wolf in Australia and the leader tries to have her killed but the wolf Wes instead protects her and they go into hiding to raise her son. Now the Pack have found Reese and they want the three of them dead.

I really liked this story. It is no surprise that Reese has issues with trusting people after what happens to him. There were twists and turns in the plot which I'm not going to spoil!

A museum exhibit opens in Hope's honour and her biggest worry is how to stop Karl from stealing the artifacts. And of course, Karl's mistake releases a demon who wants to serve Hope.

This was an amusing story showing that you just can't stop Karl from breaking the law! The more I read of Karl, the more I love him!

HIDDEN: (#10.7)
Clay and Elena want some alone time with the kids before the Pack arrive for Christmas at the cabin, but that is spoiled by a nosey mutt and a partially eaten body.

This was a good, sinister story where Elena's fears for her children take that tough edge from her. I liked the plot twists and lots of Pack members coming to stay. Great story!

The first story set after the end of the series has Elena as Pack Leader on a visit to Russia but of course, trouble follows.

Another good story. I was disappointed that the final book of the series was Savannah based instead of having the wolves as the heroes as it was the Pack that drew me into this series. The novellas that have come out since then have made up for that!

A half demon is being pursued to 'join' a host of Cabals and some aren't taking no for an answer so Paige and Lucas step in to protect him.

This was one of those stories that only half worked. I liked the demon story and it was full of tension as the gang tried to hide from the killer Cabals. However it was spoiled by the brat that is Savannah getting into childish fights and it seems she has infected Adam with her stupidity because he was acting like a 5 year old. This couple will never work and it ruined the story with all their immaturity.

I liked this anthology because of the quality of the wolf stories and there was some fun in there with Karl's antics. Something for fans of most characters. 
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    1. I can't wait to get watching season 1...!!! I was so excited when they said they were filming the series!