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Book Review: Forsaken by Kelley Armstrong (WOTO #13.4)

This description contains spoilers, don't read it if you aren't caught up with the series!

Being Alpha of the North American Pack is like being a small-town sheriff — nobody wants the job, but someone’s gotta do it. For the most part, Elena Michaels likes it just fine, even if it means dealing with arrogant misogynists in the werewolf world who are convinced that a woman isn’t up to the job. That she could handle. What she never expected was a deadly threat to her eight-year-old twins. That her little girl could go missing in the night.

The enemy thought he was dealing with a hysterical mother. Mother, yes. Hysterical, no. Elena was Alpha for a reason. And nothing would stop her from getting her child back.

My Review:
*this review contains big plot spoilers in paragraph 3*
I wasn't sure that I was going to like this book in the beginning. Elena is dealing with the steriotype snotty British wolves who are patronising and sexist. Her daughter, instead of talking to her about her issues, behaves like a spoiled whiny brat and I was ready to strangle Kate. I have never liked her much because she obviously takes behaviour lessons from Savannah. However, as the book goes on I have a bit more sympathy for her. I guessed what was going on with Kate but was frustrated that she didn't just TALK to someone in the Pack like Nick, instead of being a bitch.

With Kate missing in the woods, Clay is trying to find her without panicking Elena but when the familiar scent of Malcolm is scented in the same woods, they fear for their daughter. Elena starts to lose control of herself, becoming Kate's mother instead of Pack Leader and the Pack all arrive to give support and guard Logan.

Spoiler warning! The story is set up to make you think that Malcolm is the one who is stalking the kids, to get revenge on Elena and Clay, but for me this never fitted into what we know of Malcolm. Malcolm always liked Clay and I believe he respects Elena because she is tough and capable. He didn't kill Nick in 'Brazen' when he had the chance so why would he want to hurt the kids? It didn't fit for me. I was sure he was there watching the events, but I didn't think he was the threat. I always felt it was the British Pack who were out to get Elena by using her kids. when Malcolm calls Elena on the phone to talk about Logan being alone while they searched for Kate, Elena took this as a threat but I believed Malcolm was warning her about mutts trying to grab her son. It was pretty nice to be right about something! I loved how the author dealt with Malcolm in this book!

Safe to look again! There was a lot of tension in this book, a lot of searching, running and hiding and I really enjoyed it. Other good things? The Pack were all involved which was GREAT as there are so many great characters amongst them. I love the Pack! I liked the end of the book with the scenes around the hotel etc which were tense and exciting. And of course, the ending was mindblowing! You just have to love Malcolm...sort of!

'Brazen' and 'Forsaken' were two very good novellas which made up for the major disappointment that was '13'. I hope we get so many more of these excellent novellas but it would be nice if they weren't so darn expensive!
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