Friday, 10 April 2015

Cover Love: Women of the Otherworld

We all love to look at our gorgeous book covers don't we? We love to browse the beautiful books on the shelves and the nicer the cover, the more likely we are to pick it up to look at the blurb, and perhaps make that purchase. So welcome to Cover Love where I will celebrate all things cover related-the best books with certain coloured covers, a series with beautiful covers, books that made me buy it based partially on the covers, great books that need better covers, covers that were better than the books and so much more!

This week I'm taking a look at the covers from the Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. These covers REALLY frustrated me. The first nine in mass market paperback size and two anthologies  were gorgeous designs and clolours then when book 10 came out, it switched to these awful trade paperbacks with boring and ugly covers. I HATE it when the powers that be decide to change cover designs halfway through a series so you can't have the whole set looking the same. Sookie Stackhouse is a prime example of messing the reader around. So now I have a Kelley Armstrong series of nine gorgeous covers, all the same size and four butt ugly covers in a different size. Great, thanks a lot. And if you did it to force me to go and buy the whole set again in different cover formats you have another thing coming!

So these were really pretty, a lovely set! And then Mr Publisher comes along to ruin everything, especially the cover of Frostbitten! It's HORRIBLE!


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  1. I am glad I got most of mine from the library because looking at those, could they have made a worse switch. The only one of the last ones I sorta like is Waking the Witch. Although I can say I have never seen the first 9 anywhere, but they are gorgeous.