Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Monster Month of March!

It's March and it seems like a good excuse to select some books related to monsters of all kinds to read this month. Welcome to the Monster Month of March at The Book Cave! I'll be reading a mixture of ebooks and paperbacks, each featuring various monsters-zombies, vampires, shifters, dinosaurs, sharks...the possibilities are endless and I'm very excited!

1) Steve Alten-Meg
2) Brennan Beard-Devil of the Forest
3) Ezekiel Boone-The Hatching
4) Eric S Brown-Bigfoot War
5) Jonah Buck-Carrion Safari
6) Rick Chesler-Hotel Megalodon
7) Catt Dahman-Extinction Island 2
8) Catt Dahman-Louisiana Saturday Night
9) Ray Garton-'Nids
10) Dane Hatchell-The Lost World of Patagonia
11) Hunter Shea-Swamp Monster Massacre
12) Cherie Priest-Hellbent
13) Chris Fox-No such thing as werewolves
14) Judith Post-Magicks Uncaged
15) Patricia Briggs-Fire Touched
16) Robert Brown-Barren Fields
17) Keith RA DeCandido-Resident Evil Apocalypse
18) Bonnie Dee-dead Country
19) Micah Gurley-The Rise of Macon
20) Dave Jefferey-Necropolis Rising
21) Steven Jenkins-Purge
22) Steven Jenkins-Riot
23) Craig Jones-Breakout
24) Jason Kristopher-Interval
25) Jason Kristopher-Walker Chronicles
26) Jason Kristopher-Beginning
27) JT Sawyer-The Longest Day
28) JT Sawyer-No place to hide
29) JT Sawyer-Until Morning Comes
30) Timothy Long-Z Risen

The exciting thing about this lot is that it also catches me up and completes several series which is a bonus! And lots of zombie fun this month, yea! 


  1. Monsters are awesome - can't wait!

    1. You just have to have some monsters in your life! Zombies are usually a good way to kick start my reading so I'll start this month with a few of them...

  2. Love that graphic- too cool! And monsters- yay!! Bring on all of the monsters lol.

    1. It's like a scene from an old Godzilla film or something isn't it! I liked the graphic and it seemed a good time to use it with monster mayhem on the blog...