Friday, 10 March 2017

Pick N Mix Book Tag

This tag was created by Sarah at  and I saw the Tag on Megan's blog at  It was a bit different so I thought I'd have a go! Thanks ladies!

1. Fizzy Blue Bottles. They look strange, and they taste strange, but you like them. Name a book or series with a really strange plot that you couldn't help but love.
I don't do strange plots. If books go weird on me, I get bored and frustrated and DNF! I have a lot of strange books that I hated but none that I loved.

2. The Metre. It goes on forever. Name the longest book series you have read.
Sookie Stackhouse was 13 books. I have a few series of about 15/16 books that I've still to get to, like Morganville Vampires, Kitty Norville, Elemental Assassin, Voodoo Plague and so on. Hope to get some read this year!

3. Chocolate Raisins. No amount of chocolate can hide what's inside. Name a book with a disappointing cover but an interesting story.
The cover for Judith Post's Wolf's Bane was bland but I loved these UF books. Same with the covers on a lot of Indie books by people like Darrell Maloney, Robert Boren but I love their writing.

4. Chocolate Mice. They look sweet, but they're secretly vermin. Name a book that surprised you with it's villain. (Be careful not to give spoilers!) 
The twists on the bad guys in the Arisen series by Michael Stephen Fuchs gets pretty surprising as the series goes on. A lot more than zombies and raiders happening! LOVED this series!

5. Hard Gums. You take a bite, but almost break your teeth. Which book or series was really difficult to get into?
Anything too difficult to get into, I DNF straight away. I don't have time to waste on difficult books when other books await. I never get past book one in that kind of series...I don't waste time on stuff I don't enjoy.

6. Cola Bottles. Some are sweet, some are sour. Name two similar books, one that you loved and one that you didn't like. 
Dinosaur islands can be hit and miss-good ones like Jurassic Island by Viktor Zarkov, poor ones like Jurassic Dead. Same with Bigfoot books-good ones like Hunter Shea's Swamp Monster Massacre, poor ones like Boggy Creek by Eric S Brown.

7. Fried Eggs. Some people love them, some people hate them. Others feel quite indifferent to them. Pick a book that matches how you feel about fried eggs. 
Not a fan of them personally-bland! I've read a LOT of bland books in lots of genres so it's hard to single out anything.

8. Smarties. No matter what you do, they're everywhere. Name a trend or trope you are tired of reading.
Instaluv and love triangles. Hate them! I will not read any book if that is mentioned in the blurb no matter how good the plot sounds. Dealbreakers!

9. Gummy Bears. Name your favourite fictional creature or animal.
Oberon from Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid series has to be right up there.  A dog you can talk to in your minds who is funny, intelligent, loves sausages, poodles, films and banter? Oh yes!

10. Pick n Mix! So many sweets, so much variety. Name one/some of your favourite diverse books! 
I don't read diverse books. I believe they should be there for people but I don't seek them out. If they crop up in genres I'm reading, great I'll read them, but don't go looking for them specifically. Years ago I read a lot of Asian fiction like The Kite Runner but don't read them now. I mostly read monsters, zombies and apocalypses.

Want to take part? I tag you! Remember to tell me in the comments page if you have done the tag so I can come and see your answers!


  1. Loved this. Yea for Oberon and also I am totally with you because I think the Sookie Stackhouse books are the longest series I've read. Although I forget how many are in Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series. I also an sick of insta-love and love triangles although it's really bad when there's both!

    1. WOTO was 13 books as well, you're right. With all the short stories and novellas it's way longer than Sookie! I was too lazy to research it much as you can tell! The tropes drive me mad these days...I'm even finding them in zombie books!!!

  2. I loved reading all of your answers. For some reason, I tend to love strange books. I don't even know why. I could live without love triangles myself!

    1. Yep, why does every female MC need to have every man in the vicinity lusting after her??? Grrr.

  3. I'm not a long series person. Weird, because I prefer series to standalones, but I still start to tire of them after too long, and I like when the series has an overarching goal.

    I agree that a lot of indie books with great stories have crappy covers. That's why I try not to disregard books just because of their covers---it's not always an indication of story quality!