Thursday, 9 March 2017

Chuckles Retro Reads: The Road to Macon by Micah Gurley (Macon Saga #1)

After realizing his dream of teaching history in college, Kyle Small gets laid off and takes a job as a heavily armed security guard. He's just returning from his Thanksgiving holiday in which his brother Abe has visited him, when an epidemic strikes the plant that he works at

Kyle must get back to his brother and then find refuge in a old Civil War fort for protection. Along the way they collect others and face the rising problems as they take the road to Macon.

My Review: 
Instead of spending the last day of his brother's holiday with him, Kyle has to work on Sunday at the plant where he is a security guard. An intruder on site seems exciting until he tries to eat another guard Brian. When Brian then attacks the doctor, Kyle phones Abe and tells him to get supplies ready to leave when Kyle gets there. Now Kyle and his friends need to escape the overrun plant and get to Abe before they are all bitten.

Kyle is pretty quick to understand what is going on and what needs to be done, which I like in zombie books. I hate watching people in denial for half the story before agreeing that it is a zombie virus or something similar. I liked his character. Abe isn't sure if this is one of Kyle's jokes but eventually gets himself organised just in case, allowing trouble to sneak up on him as well. The plot switches between the brothers as they face different issues though most of the action is at the plant. There is plenty tension as the characters try to avoid the infected and do what they can to help others before deciding that it is time to save themselves and get away.

The side characters are also pretty good in the book. There is Yolanda, the tough female who I instantly liked and who is capable and cool under pressure. Eric decides to collect his uncle and his own beloved beagles before joining the escape. Patrick the Star Wars fan and his long suffering wife Jasmine add the comic relief to the story-and a bit of realism. There is also the bad guy in the senior guy left alive at the plant who is determined to stop his workers from leaving, and tries to screw up their escape plans at every turn. I really despised the guy.

There is enough zombie action to keep people happy as the plant and Kyle's house become overrun. I liked the way there was a good mix of tension and action, and it certainly kept me reading. I admit that although it is great to see my favourite dog breed in the book, I know I will be worried that something will happen to the poor beagles! I worry more about dogs in zombie books than most of the humans!

So the group are set on heading out to Macon where there is an old Civil War fort that might offer them great protection from the zombies until a better plan presents itself. Will they manage to get there safely? Well I know the answer but you'll have to read this novella yourself to find out! I recommend this to traditional zombie fans. 
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  1. Love that Eric took time to gather his beagles. Definitely a decent character. Like you, I hate it in books when it takes a long time for people to catch on to the obvious. I had a refreshing thing happen last night in the book I was reading. I thought it was headed toward an insta-love thing. But a characters friend actually asked her if she loved this guy and she basically said, no I don't love him, I just met him - that's crazy. Don't know that I love the book, but that was a nice surprise.

    1. He went for his beagles first then his great uncle if I remember right! I liked Eric-wish we'd seen more of the beagles though! How refreshing that your book avoided the instaluv thing! I like that. It's more realistic by far.

  2. For some reason seeing Macon reminded me of The Walking Dead back when they were still in Georgia. I like it too when they figure things out quickly, rather than spend half the book going what's going on??? And the dogs sound awesome. :)

    1. There is nothing worse than a zombie book where no one accepts what is happening so I'm glad that this book got straight down to dealing with the infected. We didn't really see much of the dogs after their rescue sadly! I want more beagle!