Friday, 31 March 2017

Chuckles 2017 Series Read Challenge-March Update

Every year I promise to catch up on the book series that have been sitting on my shelves brooding for years. Last year I did actually manage to deal with a few which is better than I've done in the last four years combined! Now it is time to look forward with excitement to getting more series completed!

I have some books on my reading list for this month that will allow me to catch up with or complete a few series I've started.

Steven Jenkins-Burn the dead
1) Quarantine (previously read)
2) Purge (read)
3) Riot (read)

JT Sawyer-First Wave
1) First Wave (previously read)
2) The Longest Day (read)
3) No place to hide (read)

Bonnie Dee
1) After the End (previously read)
2) Dead Country (read)

Jason Kristopher-The Dying of the Light
1) End (previously read)
2) Interval (read)
3) Beginning (read)
-Walker chronicles short stories (read)

Robert Brown-The Last Blade of Grass
1) The Last Blade of Grass (previously read)
2) Barren Fields (read)

Cherie Priest-Cheshire Red Reports
1) Bloodshot (previously read)
2) Hellbent

Patricia Briggs-Mercy Thompson
1-8 (previously read)
9) Fire Touched 

Micah Gurley-Macon Saga
1) The Road to Macon (previously read)
2) The Rise of Macon (read)

Craig Jones
1) Outbreak (previously read)
2) Breakout (read)

Not bad! I caught up with all but two series this month so I'm happy with that as each of them only has one more book to let me complete the series. Overall I'm pleased with progress!


  1. Great job! Bring on horror month - and yes, you should start a day early!

    1. I showed restraint! I'm starting this morning! Time for vampires and Bigfoots! Or should that be Bigfeet...?

  2. wow! I'm very impressed. this reminds me I need to read some horror!

    1. Horror month just gives me an excuse to continue on with these kinds of reads!