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Chuckles Retro Reads: Three Parts Dead by Michael Stephen Fuchs (Arisen #3)

Alpha team, the world's best and last surviving Tier-1 operators, are adrift on Lake Michigan - and fast drifting into what looks like a damned hostile shoreline. Deep in the National Forest nearby, a former police officer and survivalist battles to keep her family alive - and tries to decide whether the commandos of Alpha are more dangerous to her alive or dead. 

Meanwhile, the John F. Kennedy, the world's last floating supercarrier, is run aground off the coast of Virginia - and facing a veritable hurricane of the dead, blowing in fast. And finally, back in Fortress Britain, the terrible outbreak from the Channel Tunnel turns out not to have been so contained after all - and a death grip is beginning to close on London, and shaping up into humanity's very last stand...

My Review: 
The drama continues as we follow Alpha Team, the USS John F Kennedy, and those who seek to defend the UK from another zombie outbreak.

Alpha Team against all odds made it to the extraction point but with no rescue available and zombies closing in, they are forced onto a boat with no controls. With no way to steer and the boat drifting close to the shore, danger is all around them. The USS John F Kennedy is beached on a sandbar after the battle and they are tracking a herd of zombies coming their way. Ficks has set up a temporary land base nearby to try and get help sent to Alpha Team while Wesley's group scavenges nearby for crucial supplies. The escaped Foxtrot in Britain is now finding new victims in and around Canterbury...

Gah more danger! The USS John F Kennedy has taken big losses during the recent outbreak on the ship and crucially it is stuck on a sandbar on the Virginia coastline, leaving it vulnerable to a zombie land attack. The last thing they need is to see while attempting repairs is a huge zombie herd from North Carolina bearing down on their position. Fick is searching the air base for something he can use to rescue Alpha Team and get them safely back to the ship and he finds something that might just do the job if they can get it to fly. Wesley has his team collecting supplies and using a helicopter to get everything back to the ship, aware that time is limited and the zombies are on the way. And there are still stragglers ahead of the main herd to watch out for.

The original Foxtrot who escaped the Channel Tunnel is on the move across England, infecting anyone it finds and bearing down on Canterbury-where the survivors from the Tunnel have been rehomed, including Wesley's French girlfriend Amarie and their child. Lt Jameson is furious to discover that his men there took bitten colleagues to a hospital, starting a fresh outbreak. Now he has two messes that are going to need cleaned up with the resources they have and his men are in greater danger. And when the sirens in Canterbury go off, the refugees are unsure what to do.

Alpha Team are relieved to get onto the relative safety of the water to escape from Chicago but when their boat is attacked by Foxtrots and a team member goes missing, events rapidly spiral out of control and the boat is no longer safe. They are forced back onto land in an emergency retreat and are going to need local help after getting themselves trapped by more zombies. Is there any safe place for them and Simon?

New characters come into the book in the form of Sarah the prepper and her family. They have been living in relative safety in their cabin since the outbreak began but their lives are about to be turned upside down when they run into Alpha Team. I found Sarah's story interesting as she is no longer in love with husband Mark and finds it hard to connect with her son, and now she is stuck alone with them in a zombie apocalypse. I liked seeing a normal woman as the prepper instead of a few of the mad steriotypes that we see in books. The arrival of Alpha Team allows Sarah to have some purpose again as she helps them to plan a way out of the mess that they are in, as well as find someone other than her husband attractive. I was also able to feel bad for her spurned husband, who is hostile to the change in circumstances. The saddest thing here is her son who Sarah finds hard to love, and the authors show this by never giving him a name.

There is no let up in the drama as we follow the various groups and individuals in dealing with their zombie problems. It was another great book and I look forward to sharing more thoughts in my next review!
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