Monday, 13 March 2017

A Reminder of The Book Cave Rules

I have been concerned that we have had two incidents in the last two weeks at The Book Cave of people specifically breaking one of my golden rules-not respecting the right of others to disagree with your opinion. 

I try to have a good fun atmosphere at the blog where there is banter, discussion and shared ideas so it is disappointing when people choose not to follow a simple rule. I am referring to the last two Top Ten Tuesday posts where I shared two lists of authors who are popular but I don't like their work. I went to great lengths to say that I was not saying the writers or books were bad, just that I don't like them much. I even warned people that this was my opinion, that they were ok to talk about whether or not they liked these authors, as long as they didn't start questioning or arguing with my opinion.

In spite of all the warnings, one person each week chose to disregard that. The first said:

Really? You didn't like the Gone series by Michael Grant? It is one of my favorite series, same with the Uglies series. Interesting.  

The use of both really and interesting gave me the impression that my opinion was deemed to be wrong as it differed from hers. I do not like comments like that or that sort of implied condescending tone. The second, however, just pissed me off even more:

You are still wrong about Douglas Adams though

That infuriated me. How can anyone's opinion of a book be right or wrong when it is just opinion? I do not like being told I am wrong in my opinion because I committed the cardinal sin of not agreeing with someone who liked these books. Did I say he was dumb for liking the author? No of course not because that is disrespectful and he has the right to his own opinion. Had he said 'I actually like his books' and gave a reason why, or asked what is was I didn't like, that would be fine and we could have discussed it but not saying 'you're wrong'. I won't tolerate that and a repeat from the member will gain a ban from the blog. 

Everyone else managed to share their thoughts and opinions in a nice friendly way and I had a lot of fun with the two posts other than this. I will be sharing thoughts either this week, next week or maybe both, on popular books I did not like. That should be good fun-if everyone respects each other on the subject.

So I'm going to reiterate the few rules I have for the blog:
-respect the opinion of others who do not share your personal view on the subject
-no racist, homophobic or bigoted comments
-no spam or advertising posts (they will not be published) unless agreed with me first
-I don't bother for the most part if you swear in your comments as long as you aren't calling someone else names! 

Not much to ask is it! Come and chat, share your thoughts and have fun with books here. Just respect each other as most of you already do!


  1. Great reminder. I can't believe the audacity of some people. My we all have to like the same thing? Apparently so. I have some blogging friends and I know we've disagreed on some books but we don't discount each other's feelings. Are there not enough problems in the world without thinking we have superior opinions over books than others? Get real. I enjoy your posts and think different opinions are what makes up the world :)

    1. Totally agree Barb. It's a pet hate of mine and being in a foul mood already this week I kind of let go. Turns out the second comment was meant to be a joke and I totally didn't get it so I feel sorry for the poor guy now!

  2. I've had this happen to me and wasn't sure if it was me taking the comments out of concept. I'm sure some other comments slipped right past me. I have a chatty bunch and we all get along now. The ones I was unsure of were one time visitors.

    1. It turns out that the second comment was meant to be a lighthearted joke and I didn't recognise it so it was just a misunderstanding. Apologies have been exchanged and I feel a bit dumb now. It all came down to me not recognising this =) as a smiley face. Maybe it's a blogging or social media thing that just passed me by!

  3. Ugghh, I can't stand when people don't respect other's opinions. Not everyone is going to have the same opinion as everyone else and an opinion is just that, an opinion. It's not a proven fact or law that has to be enforced. That's frustrating. Sorry to hear that you had to deal that.

    1. I actually find this to be a big problem on Goodreads with people getting quite irate and calling me names for disagreeing with them! One guy came moaning to me because I rated a book he hated five stars and he got stuck into me about the author's spelling as if it was my fault!