Saturday, 11 March 2017

Book Promotion: The Mayflower Project by Rashad Freeman (Deconstruction #2)

Four different stories, one terrible event...this is Deconstruction.

Max lives two lives. In one he’s an unassuming climatologist for NOAA. In the other he runs a secret government project that only a handful of people know exist. He’s been burning the candle on both ends for years, but now his paper life is about to come crumbling down with the rest of the world.

After a rough week of work, Max and his girlfriend, Cindy, decide to burn off some steam and head out for a night in the city with two friends. Their little party turns into a cyclone of chaos when Max’s worst nightmares become reality.

As the group struggles to make it out of the crumbling city, Max reveals a secret that threatens to tear them apart. Mother nature is doing her best to kill them, but it’s the shadows and webs of lies that might spell their doom.

Take a step closer to the end of the world and learn the secrets that lie within THE MAYFLOWER PROJECT 

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  1. oh I love climate books and I love secret government projects! I'll check this one out@! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. This is the second book in the series...I suggest reading the other one first.