Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Monster Month of March-Mid Month Update

It's March and it seems like a good excuse to select some books related to monsters of all kinds to read this month. Welcome to the Monster Month of March at The Book Cave! I'll be reading a mixture of ebooks and paperbacks, each featuring various monsters-zombies, vampires, shifters, dinosaurs, sharks...the possibilities are endless and I'm very excited!

1) Steve Alten-Meg
2) Brennan Beard-Devil of the Forest
3) Ezekiel Boone-The Hatching
4) Eric S Brown-Bigfoot War
5) Jonah Buck-Carrion Safari
6) Rick Chesler-Hotel Megalodon
7) Catt Dahman-Extinction Island 2 (read)
8) Catt Dahman-Louisiana Saturday Night (currently reading)
9) Ray Garton-'Nids
10) Dane Hatchell-The Lost World of Patagonia
11) Hunter Shea-Swamp Monster Massacre (read)
12) Cherie Priest-Hellbent
13) Chris Fox-No such thing as werewolves
14) Judith Post-Magicks Uncaged
15) Patricia Briggs-Fire Touched
16) Robert Brown-Barren Fields (read)
17) Keith RA DeCandido-Resident Evil Apocalypse (read)
18) Bonnie Dee-Dead Country (read)
19) Micah Gurley-The Rise of Macon (read)
20) Dave Jefferey-Necropolis Rising (read)
21) Steven Jenkins-Purge (read)
22) Steven Jenkins-Riot (read)
23) Craig Jones-Breakout (read)
24) Jason Kristopher-Interval (read)
25) Jason Kristopher-Walker Chronicles (read)
26) Jason Kristopher-Beginning (currently reading)
27) JT Sawyer-The Longest Day (read)
28) JT Sawyer-No place to hide (read)
29) JT Sawyer-Until Morning Comes (read)
30) Timothy Long-Z Risen (read)
31) Rashad Freeman-Dudt to Dust (read)

We're going along ok here at the moment. I've read 17/31 so I'm on target to get these done for the month as I'm reading two more and hope to be done with both by tomorrow. Beginning is turning into a drag as I'm not enjoying the format and just want to see how it ends. I need to get some serious reading in today while my dad shouts at the horses on TV...


  1. I hope you get a chance to read all these. That is a lot of monsters. :)

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. A girl has to have LOTS of monsters in her life! The quality for the most part is decent so that is an added bonus. Tonight I get started on Bigfoot War!

  2. You are doing great with this challenge. My husband has been glued to ESPN the past few evening since free-agency started for football so I kind of know how you feel. I don't mind though because one, I like football, and two, I can get tons of reading done while he's doing it.

    1. The good thing about sport is that you can keep up with it and read at the same time! My dad yells at the TV, tells me the grandfather of every horse in every race and makes it impossible to read!

  3. Horse racing? Ooh I went to horse races once... anyway you're doing awesome at this. I see so many titles that look good... that Patagonia one, Swamp Monster Massacre lol, and anything called Carrion Safari I hope is good ha ha.

    1. Swamp Monster Massacre was a really good Bigfoot book. I enjoyed that one a lot. Review hopefully next week once I review all this zombie series.

  4. I am impressed. You are going to get your TBR pile down to nothing before you know it.

    1. I'm doing well but it would help if I stopped buying and downloading more books! I have no restraint at all...