Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Problems I have!

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish.

Each week we will post a new Top Ten list. Everyone is welcome to join. 
I have just decided to join in with this meme and for fun, I'm starting with last week's tens list which greatly appeals to me! Then later today I will post this week's tens list and link up with my fellow bloggers. The theme last week was Book Related Problems I have. Well, I have plenty! 

1) Too Many Books, Too Little Time
Isn't this the most common problem? It is so easy to go on a book grab, getting every cool and shiny book that catches the eye...and then you suddenly realise that in your home and on your ereader, you have 950 books! Arrgghh! *eyes popping* You don't have a Ministry of Magic Time Turner so you need to tackle Mount TBR which I'm in the middle of doing now.

2) Getting Those Pesky Reviews Written
I'm always writing notes as I review my books which sounds really clever-except it then takes an eternity for me to get the darn things written and uploaded to Goodreads and my blog. I have over 100 reviews in note form waiting for me! It just takes so LONG to get the wording right that a single review can take me well over an hour-c'mon chuckles you're not writing an epic novel, GET IT DONE!

3) Can I borrow your book?
Say what??? Why would you even ask that? Do I ask to borrow your husband for a week? Huh? Of course not so why would you even THINK of such a thing? Shocking. You don't ever get to borrow my book as who knows what kind of torture you might put it through. I mean you have children and cats! You shall not get my precioussss...Even when my dad is reading my books I'm checking up on him and my uncle the smoker gets nowhere near!

4) Book Sizes
There I am happily collecting a mass market paperback series when WHAMMO, the rest of the series will only be in a bigger size format which will cost extra money to buy. Oh yes, why not just break into my bank account while you are at it, you filthy scum. Do you realise that I can't have all my books in the series sitting together because it just looks untidy and stupid??? Do you care how stressed I get about different book sizes in the same series?

5) The Ever Changing Book Covers
This makes me explode. You get the beautiful covers for the first 9 books of the series in mass market paperback and they are so pretty! Then not also do they change the book size, they abandon the gorgeous covers so you have ugly crap for the rest of the series! NOOOO! The people who did this to Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld are on my Bad People List!!! Thank you for ruining my covers!!!

6) Spine Breaking Freaks
A former friend of mine used to assault her books on a regular basis. When she bought a brand new book, she would attack it with a hammer until the spine was broken as she could not bear to read 'a perfect book'. The first time I saw her do this I was horrorstruck and screamed. I nearly tried to wrestle the murder weapon from her hand! Why why WHY would you do something so evil to a book??? And she looked at ME as if I was crazy??? Books are to loved and respected not violated and murdered!

7) Dog Eared Destroyers
If there is one thing I hate, it is people who dog ear the pages of a book. This kind of book cruelty makes my spine twitch if I witness it. Imagine me on the bus coming home from work one day, watching a woman dog ear the page to chat to her friend. I actually tapped her on the shoulder and asked if she required a bookmark. She gave me such a strange look and I can't imagine why. If you WANT to do origami I'm sure the local college will assist but LEAVE THE BOOKS ALONE!

8) The Over Hyped Booky
I hate this new thing where something is 'The New Harry Potter' NO. Just NO. There will NEVER be a new or next Harry Potter as it was far too unique and brilliant. By branding your book as the new or next, or comparing it to such a well loved series, you are being held up to that standard and you will fail! I hate this 'If you liked_ then you'll LOVE_' Really? How the heck can you see into my head, hmmm? I find this off-putting as I have never yet found a comparison book that came close to living up to the hype and this reflects in my review.

9) Authors Behaving Badly
As a reviewer and blogger, I get really annoyed when we are savaged by a small section of authors. Authors getting annoyed with me because I said no to reviewing their book-well, next time try sending me a book in the genres I like reading dumb ass, not one I say I don't read! Authors not happy because I didn't like their book-jeez don't be such a cry baby! Even JK Rowling doesn't have EVERYONE loving Harry Potter! Authors going to argue with reviewers-yeah I get that you think the review might be unfair but you can't win when you challenge someone for not liking your book. Other bloggers will savage you for it.  Authors moaning that I can't read their book NOW-well actually we have lives of our own and pesky things like work and family that come first y'know!

10) Book Snobs
Reading is about finding the books we love and sites like Goodreads are for sharing our thoughts on books with other book fans. What I HATE is when a reader thinks that they have the right to slag me off for not loving a book that they loved, or for loving books in genres that they hate. I've seen people sneer at those who hate the classics and love fluffy romances, hinting that these people are somehow inferior for not reading what THEY loved. I've been called an idiot and a moron and threatened by irate readers for not sharing their views. Who died and made you God? . There is no right and wrong opinion on a book, only opinion and people need to respect that not everyone will agree with them.


  1. Oh man, I love that tortoise cartoon!

    1. *grins* I thought it was pretty cool! It took ages to find something snob related...