Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Chuckles Top Ten: Food & Drink Likes

Welcome to Chuckles Top Ten! This is where I look at my top tens-things I love, things I hate, things that excite me, things that just pass me by, all from the world of books, film, music, TV and life in general! My ten aren't in any particular order unless I say otherwise on each post.  Please feel free to put your own top ten(or less) into the comments section as well as stopping by to say hello!

So what subject to start with my top ten?  We'll go for a nice easy one to get me started which is the top ten foods and drinkies that I just can't resist! 

1) Chocolate: I mean come on, it's chocolate! So many lovely types to choose from! Milk or White, filled with orange/mint/caramel etc, Lindor, Cadbury, Galaxy, Easter eggs, mini eggs, creme eggs...*drools* I definitely have a sweet fang!

2) Cheese: I have always loved cheese! I can eat it on its own in a big lump or smother it over a pizza, use it in a cheese sauce with chicken, shove it in a sandwich...Again there are so many types to choose from!

3) Pepsi: Yes I am certainly on Team Pepsi because I find Coke leaves an aftertaste that I don't like. I don't take any form of Pepsi except the original and I hate Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max! Just give me a cold bottle of Pepsi and I'm happy...

4) Pizza: Our local pizza shop is GREAT and when I get one I go with a cheese pizza with pineapple, onion, spicy sausage and kebab meat...YUM! Nice and healthy eh?!!!

5) Chicken Tikka Masala: Without a doubt, my favourite Indian dish! I'm not a fan of really hot curry so this suits me fine. But I really hate it when a takeaway throws peppers and other crap into it....noooo!

6) Tuna Pasta Bake: Ooh I make this nearly every week using the Homepride Creamy Tuna sauce from the jar and plenty of cheese and tuna in it. My mouth is watering just thinking about it...

7) Bacon Roll or Roll and Square sausage: Depending on what mood I'm in, I love to just sit with one of these and a big splodge of tomato sauce on it. Lovely!

8) Tango Orange/Citrus: I love both of these and could happily use this as my desert island drink.

9) Key Lime Pie: My favourite fat buster treat which I rarely allow myself to have due to the horrific calory count! The one thing I don't like is those hard bits of lime rind that some companies insist on shoving on top! That bugs me!

10) Turkey with bread sauce & sage and onion stuffing: As a meal I just love it! I don't regard it as just a Christmas meal but trying to get it after January each year can be a challenge!

So what are your favourite foods? What can't you resist?


  1. Yes! All the cheese, and definitely on pizza! And key lime pie is probably my favouritest pie (:

    1. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it now...

  2. Oh this was fun! I'm a Pepsi person too. And a great list!

    1. Ooh yes I could drink Pepsi all the time!